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Blackmailing Hillary

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2015

Remember when Bill messed around with Monica. It was a very bad idea. Yeah, yeah – consenting adults, blah, blah, blah. The biggest problem was the poor judgement that made him liable to extortion from foreign powers.

Fast forward to Hillary and her handy-dandy server in her Chappaqua basement, holding all the email correspondence from her time at the State Department. It has been cleaned of any incriminating emails regarding Benghazi. She admits to destroying 30,000 emails about weddings and yoga routines. We are just supposed to trust her. Mrs. Rose Law Firm Billing Records and Cattle Futures has a Nixonian bent for secrecy. Whatever was in those emails must have been pretty bad to erase and take the heat for that action.

So now, Hillary is running. She might be President next time round. Putin and the Chinese have probably hacked that server and have all her emails including the ones she needed to delete. Perhaps they have some incriminating emails about Benghazi and a few personal emails between Bill and his ladies. Hillary has left herself open to extortion from a foreign power. She can deny it all she wants, but erasing the email makes it all the more likely that our enemies have something on the Clintons. Can we take the risk?

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Obama Castigates Parents Who Send Their Kids to Private School.

Posted by madjillmom on May 13, 2015

Yesterday, Obama told parents that sending their kids to private school was a bad thing. He sends his kids to private school and he went to private school in Hawaii. Amazing. What a hypocrite.

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Mocking Islam and Just a Little Sharia

Posted by madjillmom on May 6, 2015

I support the event that was held on Sunday by Pam Geller. While it is uncomfortable to support the mocking of a religion, it is sometimes necessary to push the envelope and openly mock Islam or Mohammed. Some of the freedoms we have here must be exercised lest the populace allow more “creeping Sharia” to slowly take over.  If there is no pushback to the tenents of Islam, if we allow the State to start limiting this type of speech, then we are allowing this very restrictive religion to take over. Soon, I suspect some idiot will try to pass a law that calls this hate speech and imposes limits. Then what? Will we allow the adherents of Islam to restrict our rights?

It may not be viewed as wise, but it is sometimes necessary to push back against a religion that would kill those who mock it. Pamela Geller is drawing a red line. She might be drawing it with her own blood. She is already under constant guard and now there are those who have asked that she be killed because of her actions. She was in the company of others with the same target drawn on their backs.

The better question should be “Is it OK to put a hit out on someone who insults your religion?”. According to what I have read, if you convert  away from Islam, you are subject to death also. Do we allow Islam to condemn Pam Geller, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the cartoonist/artists who displayed the depictions of Mohammad, the School District that rented the hall, or me for writing my support for the event? Sometimes we must take a stand and do something provocative that challenges our usual way of thinking. It would be nice if it weren’t necessary, but it is. In the last 6 months, two bloggers critical of Islam have been killed by radical Islamists in this world. If on Sunday, a cop hadn’t been such a good shot, there may have been a lot more killing in the name of Mohammad.

Here is one of the cartoons/depictions from the Sunday event by A. F. Branco, a brilliant cartoonist:

Je Suis Charlie color 1_zpsaamxy8ck

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Judge Them on Their Character

Posted by madjillmom on May 4, 2015

Let’s judge the looters on their character. Let’s judge the police on their character. Not their color.

Do Black Lives Matter to those people in black communities? Is it OK to riot and loot because something awful has happened? Is being poor an excuse?

When will there be a peaceful protest against Black on Black crime? When will a mother keep her young son from buying the latest Nike sneakers rather than a computer to help with his homework? When will we stop hearing about infrequent “cop killing young black men” and hear more about black men looking after their children and being good role models. When will we shun the culture that encourages gang membership and puts down women as whores and bitches.

When some of this happens, then we can all say that Black Lives Matter.


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What To Call the Criminals in Baltimore…

Posted by madjillmom on May 4, 2015

Can’t call them thugs unless you are black. Thug now equates to black.

The youth that got out of their schools last Monday and marauded through the business district, looting, stealing and taunting a police force that was standing down. It wasn’t too long before a Democrat pundit told us this was because of cutbacks, including cutbacks to HeadStart.

So let’s call them what they are – Head Start Graduates.

A boondoggle that produces no good results. Poor money on it and stand back. Don’t put out the fires or arrest the looters, just apply more tax dollars borrowed from our grandchildren, and apply.

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Grannie Hillary Going to Appear Soon

Posted by madjillmom on April 26, 2015

They have already sent Chelsea out.

Soon I predict a wonderful series of pictures featuring Grandma Hillary and the precious grandchild. If the baby isn’t pretty enough, sub a similar baby, no problem. The adoring press will go ga-ga. How can anyone attack this wonderful woman?

Remember, you can buy Bill. You can buy Chelsea (she costs $600,000 per year). You can buy Chelsea’s husband’s hedge fund. Soon you may be able to buy the grand baby too. It’s all about access and lining their pockets.

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Another Atrocity by Muslims – Will Christians Again Be Lectured by Obama?

Posted by madjillmom on April 19, 2015

Remember way back this year? Coptic Christians throats slit on the beach by ISIL. Obama lectures Christians about the Crusades.

Then last week. In his ancestral home of Kenya, about 150 Christian college students murdered by radical Islamic forces. Obama lectures Christians again at a prayer breakfast about saying un-Christian things (a vague reference to gay wedding cakes or pizza at a gay wedding).

This last week. Islamic refugees heading to Italy by boat throw the Christians out of the boat and threaten all who might tell the authorities. What little gem of scolding will Christians receive from Obama this week?

This is enough to keep the notion that Obama doesn’t like Christians and prefers Muslims in my head. Everytime the “misguided” adherents of Islam do something awful to Christians, Obama tells us it is our own fault.

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Hillary Clinton Wants to be My Uterus-In-Chief

Posted by madjillmom on April 19, 2015

She is asking to be my Champion. She is running on being the Uterus in Chief.

Yet, she is afraid to talk to people who haven’t been screened by her handlers. She is afraid for us to see her communications regarding Benghazi. She “can’t recall” when she decided to wipe the Server that she and Bill set up to keep us out of their business even though she knew that communication was under subpoena. She wants to take money for the Clinton Foundation for First Class Travel for Bill and Hillary from countries who would mutilate Huma’s lady parts. She wants me to vote only with my lady parts.

Her minions run roughshod over the press, telling them they can’t use certain words in regard to Hillary. Can someone explain to me why this woman is supposed to be “strong” enough to be President, but can’t withstand even regular scrutiny from those big bad congressman who want to see the emails she sent on Benghazi to her closest advisors using “off the books” email accounts. How can she stand up to Iran, Putin, and those mean old nasty woman-hating Republicans who only want to “war on women” if she can’t be called bossy by adoring reporters reporting on her choice of burrito bowls at Chipotle. Heaven forbid some reporter ask her if her convenient prop grand baby could have been aborted one week prior to birth? Or the Iran deal? Or how she squares the use of money from the anti-woman Saudis for first class travel for the Foundation? That reporter would be vaporized immediately? Where are the hard questions for our future Uterus-in-Chief?

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Bowe Bergdahl and the Slow Walk “Investigation”

Posted by madjillmom on March 25, 2015

Even the Army couldn’t let this go any longer. Bowe was traded last May. The Army already had the goods on him. All they really needed to do was to interview Bergdahl. That interview took a few months at best. Then a few months more to connect up all the dots. Then about 6 months stalling before coming out today with charges against this possible deserter. In the meantime, Obama continues to be a fool. Five Taliban returned to fight us again. One stupid and confused young man now on trial for desertion. Why did Obama have to make it a celebration? It was a political move that served two purposes. The country was up in arms about the rise of ISIL/ISIL so “bringing home a brave soldier” was a way to look like he cared. Also, it served the greater goal of emptying Guantanamo. His error was his zeal to toot his horn with Bowe’s weird parents in the Rose Garden. A pat on the back, self-administered on the news. “Look at me, look at me, I love the military!!!”

I believe pressure was brought to bear by Hagel to keep this under investigation for as long as they could. Hagel is gone and the bad news is now out.

As an aside, Susan Rice is an idiot.

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Obamo Opines About the French Jews

Posted by madjillmom on February 9, 2015

Now our national religious scholar, Pres. Obama, is telling us all that the attack on the Kosher Deli in France (after the Charlie Hebdo attack by rabid Presbyterians) was just random. It wasn’t deadly anti-semitism. It was just a random attack. This comes after Obama has applied his extensive religious studies to inform us all that ISIS/ISIL is not Islamic. Just a few days ago, he exhorted all us judgmental Christians to fall off our high horses onto our holy war swords because we are just as guilty as ISIS/ISIL because of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. Evidently, American Christians were somehow responsible for those past deeds even though they didn’t exist in that time. Somehow, this blame us first attitude of Obama means that ISIL/ISIS is not really that bad for beheading Americans, burning  Jordanians, raping Yazidi women, and killing young boys for watching soccer. All morally equivalent. Bad actions from a thousand years ago and bad actions today. All the same, don’t pass judgement. Islam is peaceful, nothing to see here, move on.

Does Obama know how many Christians have been killed by Muslims in the last few years? Doubt it.

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