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Hurry, Hurry, Hurry some more

Posted by madjillmom on February 11, 2009

–Update:  Harry Reid just came out and called the 3 RINOs brave and patriotic.  Everyone patting themselves on the back.  Harry sends a kiss to Nancy.  How sweet.  We don’t have any time to waste so hurry.  789 billion —

There are reports the Conference Committee has finished or almost finished the stimulus bill.  Boy, that was quick.  It doesn’t make me feel any better about the whole process. Making Sausage:

  1. Pres. Obama promises stimulus bill is first priority, but doesn’t write up a proposal or preferred bill.  Says to hurry!!!
  2. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats write bill quickly throwing everything and the kitchen sink in it.  We need to hurry!!!
  3. Pres. Obama meets with Republicans but doesn’t insist to Pelosi or Reid that they have any real input.  Style over substance.  Keep hurrying!!!
  4. House Republicans grow some and don’t cave.  Born Again Republicans!! 
  5. After being embarrassed over some parts of the bills, Pres. Obama asked for a few things to be removed.  Why didn’t he oversee this from the start? Please, please, please hurry!!!
  6. Three Senate RINOs are deluded into thinking they have input and vote for cloture.  Hurry some more!!!
  7. Pres. Obama takes umbrage that his style over substance overtures didn’t reap much support.  Goes to townhall meetings and lies about false choice (no stimulus versus this stimulus).  Says Republicans don’t think there is a crisis.  This is not true.  I think all but one Republican (Ron Paul) would vote for a stimulus that provided more tax cuts, no new government programs, and reasonable infrastructure spending (including reasonable Green Initiatives).  Pres. Obama assures us that government can spend the money fast and wisely.  (This is so hard to believe on so many levels.) Can’t afford to wait!!!
  8. Treasury Secretary finally gives speech about TARP 2.  Falls on face, market tanks, but keep hurrying or we might all perish!!!
  9. House Committee grills Bankers over TARP 1 abuses.  Just another government program that we hurried to put in place.
  10. Conference Committee hurries to get a compromise bill.  Republicans mostly shutout.  This is a crisis, we have to hurry!!!
  11. Pres. Obama promises that bill will be available on the internet 5 days before he signs it.  Will this happen or are we in too much of a hurry!!!!

FYI, I emailed my Senators last week and said I could support a stimulus bill at 650 billion heavy on the tax cuts.  Sorry this post is so long.  I tried to do it really fast!!!


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