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Making Fun of VP Joe

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2009

First off, let me say, I believe VP Joe Biden is a clown. Further, I believe that he was chosen by Vladimer Putin and brings very little to the position other than overstatement and gaffes. However…

Last night, for the second time in 8 days, Pres. Obama laughingly refered to VP Joe Biden. “..nobody messes with Joe”. The chamber erupts in laughter. Last week, it was a reference to the fact that the Pres. didn’t really know what Joe was talking about. The press corps erupts into laughter. I think this will serve to make Joe Biden even a bigger joke than I think he is. Why is Pres. Obama doing this? It seems that the Pres. feels comfortable turning over the oversight for responsible government spending to this “laughing stock”.

I am checking into again to see if Joe is doing his job. Under Accountability there are two memos posted. One is a two page initial implementation memo and the other is a 1 1/2 page detailed guidance memo. There is an announcement about this memo on the site. Detailed it ain’t. I am less than impressed with both memos. They are just clutter. From the timeline posted, there are no milestones until May. What happened to March and April? Didn’t Obama say he was sending money to the states for medicaid later this week. Isn’t that a milestone? Which states got how much money? I sent them a message asking for info on programs and projects that benefit Texas and Austin County. Let’s see if they answer.


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