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Reducing Income

Posted by madjillmom on February 28, 2009

The Corner is posting quite a bit on reducing your income in this time of government expansion under Pres. Obama. These posts generally involve a change in priorities. People don’t want to work harder to pay someone else’s mortgage. One of our friends expressed a plan to lower their income Thursday night. Combine this phenomenon with overly rosie scenarios for budget projections and my own desire to not work too hard to get my taxes correct, and the deficit will grow and revenues will dive.

Perhaps I should reconsider my desire to rejoin the work force with a part-time job. How much would I realize? Would I be better off putting my efforts toward reducing our expenses? Cook more, use coupons, look for really great deals, grow a garden, stock the larder, buy ammunition, build the bunker we joked about for Y2K? It’s so easy to cross over to the extreme side in this time, isn’t it?


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