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Why Can’t Pres. Obama say the Surge worked?

Posted by madjillmom on February 28, 2009

Yesterday, Pres. Obama told the troops at Camp Lejuene about his plans for the ongoing wars. Going to pull out of Iraq by August 2011. For almost a year there will be 50,000 noncombatant soldiers to help with things before the August 2011 pull out. Last week announced 17,000 additional troops in Afghanistan. One report said he met 24 times with his military advisors. I am not sure I believe that. He split the difference. He wanted 16 months, General’s wanted 23, 19 it is. That will show them who is boss.

Never once did he say the Surge worked. Nor did he use the work Victory. One of the Dems complaints about Pres. Bush was that he would never say he was wrong. Apparently, Obama has this same foible. Also, the agreement between the Iraqi government and the United States was taken down off the Whitehouse website.

I keep wondering if, after talking with George Clooney on Monday, he will deliver a Friday speech and let us know how many troops will be dispatched to Africa for some special humanitarian mission.


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