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Tax Audit Fears

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2009

As time goes on, I am less concerned about there being an audit on our income tax return.  The IRS evidently has its hands full auditing all of Pres. Obama’s nominees.  The latest who admits to paying back taxes on “unintentional mistakes” is HHS Sec. Nominee (former Gov. of Kansas) Sebelius.  

We haven’t filed yet.  I want to make sure that TurboTax is updated.  Want to pay every penny I owe.


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Mexican Border same as Canadian Border

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2009

Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says there should be parity on both of the borders in regards to security.  This is utterly ridiculous.  We aren’t overrun by illegal Canadians doing the jobs we won’t do.  So I guess this is a way to stop more enforcement or militarization or the wall.  If we can’t have it on both borders, we shouldn’t have it.  Mexico might get their feelings hurt.

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Adventures in Working the Census

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2009

Today was another good day for driving the backroads and checking on addresses. 

Why is it that out in the country (more so than in the city) there are some houses neat as a pin, lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, nothing out of place; then there are the other houses with car carcasses, old washing machines, sofas, garbage piled high so you are worried that your tetanus isn’t current enough?  I think I live in a house somewhere in between these two types.  No washing machines in the yard. 

Then there was a 92 year old woman on the porch of the rundown house she was born in, speaking with just a hint of a german accent. Sweet woman.  Wonder if she will be around for the 2020 census.  Maybe.  Interesting

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Central Authority Oil Change

Posted by madjillmom on March 31, 2009

After you make your appointment with the Central Authority, you can bring in your GM for warranty work and an oil change.  Plan on spending the entire day.  They will take note of the quick way you used up your 3500 miles between oil changes.  It will be put down in your profile.  All the better to charge you with those carbon credits for excess driving.  The warranty service is free, the extra oil change is $389.  Welcome to the new corporate overseers.

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Obama the Great Compresses 5 Days into 2

Posted by madjillmom on March 30, 2009

So much for the transparency.  The promise to have bills available on-line for 5 days was once again broken when the Pres. signed a bill today.  I can’t recall what the bill was.  I am pretty certain that it could have waited until he got back from overseas.  Robt. Gibbs thinks he is putting forth a good effort on this promise and should be given credit.  I don’t think so.  Just do what you promised.

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Census Work

Posted by madjillmom on March 30, 2009

I worked all day canvassing addresses in the rural area that includes my home.  I probably got in and out of my car 70 times.  I drove 53 miles total and was never more than about 3 miles from my home as the crow flies.  Spring is really pretty now.  Everything is green with wildflowers.  Saw lots of pretty houses both old and new, lots of dogs, and a modest little spot of a house with a beautiful garden.  It wasn’t too bad.  It would not be tolerable but for XM Radio.  I get in the car, drive to the next address (1/2 mile away), greet the dogs, knock on the door, do the computer thing, get back in the car, drive to the next one.  I talked with some people.  As a 50+ woman, I don’t seem threatening though a few older ladies weren’t too sure about me knocking on their doors.  Mostly mindless.  Thank goodness it is so pretty right now.  See lots of cows, calves, horses and foals that look so clean and shiny in their green pastures.  I am pretty tired, but not achy.  Not used to working like this.

Minor Pet Peeve:  Electric gates with codes.  I have to make out a form.  I don’t think I would want to be that cut off from everything.

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Voting Present on Automakers

Posted by madjillmom on March 30, 2009

I think Pres. Obama will end up having to allow GM to go bankrupt.  So why did he kick the ball down the road and spend billions more doing it?  He owns the process now.

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No Walls on the Border – Just Fix Mexico

Posted by madjillmom on March 29, 2009

In an exchange with Sec. of State Clinton, the Mexican Government told her there should be no walls on and no militarism of the border the US shares with Mexico.  Evidently, we are responsible for the appetite for drugs and the intrinsic corruption that exists in that country.  So if the firing of GM CEO is the model, Pres. Obama should call for all drug addicts and dealer to cease and desist.  Maybe that will fix it.  If you are a drug addict, just stop and Mexico will be fixed.  (Do drug addicts read this blog? If so why, if not, why not?)

Oh, you mean the drug industry has just come on line in my lifetime?  Corruption in Mexico has been in existence forever.  How is this my fault? Just mail them the checks.  Mexican bailout, anyone?

I guess it is my fault.  I do live on property deeded to the original 300 Americans brought to Texas by Stephen F. Austin.  It was then Mexico.  I’m sure it is considered stolen by those thiefs who fought at the Alamo.

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Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Posted by madjillmom on March 29, 2009

The NYT has an article about the poor quality and short life of many of the CFL we are trying to use.  Here is my post, on the issue.  Will still continue to use them as they do save me about 20% or more on our light bills.  This really means something in August.

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GM CEO Fired by Pres. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on March 29, 2009

Guess Obama has gotten used to being on TV.  He thinks he is Donald Trump now.  Word is out that Pres. Obama made it known that Waggoner was to resign at GM.  This is really creepy.  Was it in exchange for bailout funds?  So now the executives and Board at GM are no longer running the company.  Now Obama is running the company. Perhaps he is bored with his current job.  How far off is the government issued edict that tells us we have to buy a GM or else?  Is the Obamamobile coming off the line soon?

I also can’t get over the feeling that the UAW and Ron Gettelfinger had something to do with this.  Also, the defacto car czar has run his media empire into the ground.  Now he is calling the shots at the Big Three.  Where are the plans the auto companies submitted?  Were their ideas sound, exercising good judgement and shared sacrifice?  Where does Obama and the firing of GM CEO come in? 

My husband works for a company that received TARP funds.  Wonder if the CEO will be fired by Obama?  What about the CEO of the corporation you work for?

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