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Screaming on the Inside

They Annointed Him, Now Debate Him

Posted by madjillmom on March 5, 2009

Pres. Obama and his minions are furiously trying to annoit Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Republican party.  Then they want all Republicans to disavow Rush in some way.  All this is a distraction to cover what they are doing.  Now they are the ones who say Rush is the head of the party.  They want to appear to be bi-partisan.  Seek out the ideas they say we don’t have.  Now Rush has thrown down the gauntlet and called for a debate with Obama.  How can they say he is the head of the party and not debate ideas with him? Now they will have to backpedal and say that they weren’t really serious.  Either way, they look stupid.  Especially as the market continues to dive.


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