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Terrorism is Now Man-Caused Disaster – More Change from the Obama Admin.

Posted by madjillmom on March 17, 2009

After being asked by a reporter why she didn’t mention “terrorism” in her first congressional hearing, Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, said that she instead referred to “man-caused disasters”.  Last week, the Justice Dept. said we won’t us the term “enemy combatant” any more.  They are now called “detainees”.  Evidently, the Obama administration likes to change the words.  I guess it makes them feel better.  It doesn’t make me feel any safer. 

If we now call terrorism man-mad disaster, does that mean the Homeland Security will be fighting Global Climate Change with some of their money?  Most in the Obama administration believe that global warming/global climate change is man-caused.  I do not believe that is the case, but wonder if this means that the next natural disaster will be underfunded because we are using some of the Homeland Security funds to fight man-caused global climate change.  Or will they just tell us the hurricane is caused by man now. 

I think I should check into this a bit more.

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