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Posted by madjillmom on March 19, 2009

Last week, at the end of the Bash Rush Cabal the MSM and the Obama Administration perpetrated, a blogger or site I read talked about the possibility that someone might become so mad at Rush because he supposedly wants Obama to fail, and someone might try to kill Rush.  At the time, I felt that was a stretch.  I no longer think it is a stretch. 

The congress, both sides but mostly Dems, are trying to gin up retribution against AIG bonus recipients, demanding names in the fashion of the House UnAmerican probes.  Sen. Grassley (Rep) even asked that these people kill themselves if they take the bonuses.  Shame on him.  Now they are even saying if you give the government back the money, we won’t tell everyone your name.  This is astounding.  They are threatening to tax all or even 1000% of the bonuses.  Isn’t most of what they are threatening unconstitutional?

What they aren’t saying is how much their campaigns got from AIG and all the other bailout institutions executives and PACs.  What they aren’t saying is how they wrote the law to allow the payment of bonuses.  What they aren’t saying is when Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner knew about the bonuses.  

Yes, the bonuses are obscene.  It is a crying shame that contracts were written that allowed bonuses when a company performs so badly.  That is why their shareholders shouldn’t vote the boards back in.  (Of course, now the Govt. is a large shareholder in many of these institutions.)  When profits were easy, the boards rubber stamped these kind of contracts and it didn’t really matter.  Now the profits are gone or fast drying up and the foolish ways of yesterday are now obscene.  Meanwhile, I have heard that FannieMae execs will be getting bonuses soon.  Will Barney Frank pitch a fit about that?

If Rush or some AIG executive is found murdered, or tarred and feathered, or hung from a lightpost, congress and the Obama administration should take the blame.  I want to think this can’t happen, but it can. 

At the same time, I believe we should gather pitchforks and let congress know that their subterfuge about such stuff is being noticed.


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