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Census Training

Posted by madjillmom on March 25, 2009

I have had my second full day of training for the Census.  I will be doing address canvassing for about 7 weeks after training.  This is a process of trying to make sure all buildings, homes, cardboard boxes, etc. are in the address list so the questionaire will get there next year. 

The training is ok.  The people teaching just learned themselves.  It is pretty slow.  The books the trainers use have a lot of typos and don’t match up to the pages we have in our three books.   The order of teaching seems very backward to me.  There is no video, now whiteboards, no flip charts, only reading from the book and going along.  It will probably suffice.  This same process is going on all over the country in these weeks.   My feeling is that 8 hours of online training would do the trick if there was a way to have some interactive Q & A after the fact.  Set down a baseline of training, then augment with class or small group followup.  It isn’t happening that way.  We go from one book, Chapter 5 back to another book, back to original book, Chapter 3, bring up issues, then say we will talk more about this later.  It definitely is confusing to most of us and pretty inefficient.  

The best thing about the process is a handheld computer where we will input the data. It prompts the processes, charts progress in each area, marks the spots with GPS, transmits the data back to the Census bureau.  That part is really neat.

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