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GM CEO Fired by Pres. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on March 29, 2009

Guess Obama has gotten used to being on TV.  He thinks he is Donald Trump now.  Word is out that Pres. Obama made it known that Waggoner was to resign at GM.  This is really creepy.  Was it in exchange for bailout funds?  So now the executives and Board at GM are no longer running the company.  Now Obama is running the company. Perhaps he is bored with his current job.  How far off is the government issued edict that tells us we have to buy a GM or else?  Is the Obamamobile coming off the line soon?

I also can’t get over the feeling that the UAW and Ron Gettelfinger had something to do with this.  Also, the defacto car czar has run his media empire into the ground.  Now he is calling the shots at the Big Three.  Where are the plans the auto companies submitted?  Were their ideas sound, exercising good judgement and shared sacrifice?  Where does Obama and the firing of GM CEO come in? 

My husband works for a company that received TARP funds.  Wonder if the CEO will be fired by Obama?  What about the CEO of the corporation you work for?

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