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No Walls on the Border – Just Fix Mexico

Posted by madjillmom on March 29, 2009

In an exchange with Sec. of State Clinton, the Mexican Government told her there should be no walls on and no militarism of the border the US shares with Mexico.  Evidently, we are responsible for the appetite for drugs and the intrinsic corruption that exists in that country.  So if the firing of GM CEO is the model, Pres. Obama should call for all drug addicts and dealer to cease and desist.  Maybe that will fix it.  If you are a drug addict, just stop and Mexico will be fixed.  (Do drug addicts read this blog? If so why, if not, why not?)

Oh, you mean the drug industry has just come on line in my lifetime?  Corruption in Mexico has been in existence forever.  How is this my fault? Just mail them the checks.  Mexican bailout, anyone?

I guess it is my fault.  I do live on property deeded to the original 300 Americans brought to Texas by Stephen F. Austin.  It was then Mexico.  I’m sure it is considered stolen by those thiefs who fought at the Alamo.

One Response to “No Walls on the Border – Just Fix Mexico”

  1. TL Winslow said

    Yes, the Mexican govt. has forever been corrupt, and will never change. So, the answer can’t be to fix it, but to dissolve it. How? It’s time for the Obama admin. to call on Congress to officially renounce the 1848 Apartheid foisted on Mexico during its white supremacist days and invite the Mexican people to dissolve their govt. in favor of becoming 10+ new U.S. states sans racism. It’s time we learned to accept each other’s existence and work together for the future. Click the url to read my Megamerge Dissolution Solution proposal showing how the Obama admin. can do it starting in 2010.

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