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Pres. Obama says “Ve have vays”

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2009

The new Democratic talking point on obtaining good info from those “tortured” souls is that there were other ways to achieve the same thing.  Ok.  Now we have the more compassionate, intelligent, hip President who is an expert on obtaining secret information from those bent on killing or converting us.  I am so glad to hear that.  I can only imagine:

  • a day with Barney Frank
  • an I-pod with Obama’s fabulous speeches with really bad ear buds
  • scratchy sheets
  • ride the NY subway with Biden during a flu epidemic

I will sleep better knowing the Obama and the dems have techniques that will reveal all.  How about revealing the memos Cheney requested?

2 Responses to “Pres. Obama says “Ve have vays””

  1. Torture them all! I mean, their muslim, so probably terrorists anyway. At the very least, they’re not christian, so they deserve it. Probably gay too.

  2. madjillmom said

    Once again, another incendiary post attempting to make me look like a hater of muslims. Thanks so much for your effort. Perhaps you should have your reading comprehension tested, I think you are lacking in this area (probably others also, but I really don’t have the time to go into a full review of your ideas). Continue on with your attempts at satire and humor, you may get it right someday.

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