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Posted by madjillmom on May 22, 2009

I should have guessed we were in for this.  During most of last summer, his campaign bought a whole channel on Dish Network to endlessly play video campaign stuff.  That was obscene.  Evidently the press is not as accommodating as Pres. Obama thinks it should be.  The White House is now producing its own stories with video and audio that they are playing on Youtube and  The press is starting to take notice.  The press pool cameras were shut out of the basketball game with the NCAA Womens Champs.  It was edited by the White House.  It was taken by a camera man paid for by taxpayers.  So now we don’t know if Obama missed a shot or elbowed one of the girls in a foul.  There are at least 4 reasons why this is wrong.

1.  If you feel the need to put fluffy pieces on the website and Youtube, go ahead.  But don’t shut out the so called real press.  That just isn’t right.  Isn’t this in the Constitution somewhere, Oh Great Constitutional Professor Obama.

2.  State run press works well in the old USSR, Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela. 

3.  Why should we be spending money paying a videographer, editor and whatever when things are so bad.  Perhaps Pres. Obama could go through the Whitehouse budget and find the line with those expenses and cut them.  Plus, he should remember what happened to John Edwards when he got a videographer to document his campaign.

4.  It is extremely arrogant.

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