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Pres. Obama blames Bush for Supreme Court Pick

Posted by madjillmom on May 26, 2009

He can’t help himself.  Even when he is doing something to curry favor with the left, he is now so programmed that he once again blamed a Bush.  It was Bush 41 who appointed her to the court.  It gets kinda funny.  If he had a skin cancer or cavity, I think he would blame it on a Bush. The far left is thrilled.  The only thing that would make them happier is if the Judge actually came out of the closet.  (No, I have no idea if she is or isn’t.)

So much for not feeling a need to bow to the demographic Gods.  He hit the daily double.  A woman and a Hispanic.  That is about it as far as diversity is concerned.  I do not know just how much empathy an unmarried woman who is not a mother has.  I know women like that and there is a singular nature to them, not considerate of others because their daily lives do not require it.  She is a northeastern liberal,Ivy league educated person.  That won’t provide for much diversity.  She will replace the only member of the court who is not married and does not have children.  This will leave one mother on the court.  Being a benevolent auntie is not the same as being a mother. 

The court screams for some other type of diversity that won’t ever be addressed by Obama or any other President.  Eight of the court members were Harvard or Yale educated.  Only one served in the military as a member of the California National Guard in 1961.  Only one has worked for a corporation, Monsanto. 

This will eat up lots of press time and distract the public from the N. Korean debacle in progress. Yesterday, Obama wagged his finger and then went to play golf.

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