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Axis of Evil Update – Bush v. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on June 21, 2009

Let’s check in on Bush’s Axis of Evil:

Iraq – Invaded by the Imperialist America to take over their oil.  Almost accomplished.  Thanks to Obama for getting us out. 

Iran – in a state of deep concern by the Obama administration because they need to unconditionally talk with  someone.  Plus, Hillary is out of commission with her arm in a sling so she can’t currently fix it and Obama is busy being a great dad.

North Korea – so far back in the stone age that its populace can’t twitter, so they can’t get instructions  or mild encouragment from the great Obama.  It is really sad. 

Now lets check in on Obama’s Axis of Evil:

Fox News – Really getting under his skin.  May need to propose legislation to take them out.

The Fly – smoted or vanquished causing the MSM to up Obama’s already sky high coolness rating.  Wow. 

Capitalism – working as hard as he can to wipe this out and implement his agenda.  This process is proceeding well.


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