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Pres. Obama is a Racist

Posted by madjillmom on July 31, 2009

Ever since Pres. Obama’s remarks regarding the Cambridge Police/Professor Gates situation, I have had an ever increasing feeling that as a white person, I am now a victim of discrimination.  (Please note that I did not say anything about being female and discriminated against.)  When our President exhibits a knee-jerk reaction blaming the white cop, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I decided to write about this when I read this National Journal post by Stuart Taylor.  Here are the four things that lead me to believe that Pres. Obama is a racist and is pursuing racist policies against white people:

1.  Pres.  Obama attended Rev. Wright’s sermons for 20 years and saw nothing wrong with the rhetoric.  Only after it became an issue did he throw the Racist Rev. under the bus.  Even then, he threw his white granny under the bus as the moral equivalent.

2.  The Justice Dept. has declined to prosecute the New Black Panthers boldly engaging in voter intimidation in Philadelphia last year.  There is no reasonable explanation for this except it was their black guys doing it.

3.  The nomination of a “wise latina woman” to the highest court in the nation.   This was driven by pure demographics and a desire for race conscious justice.  Give the latino and blacks the benefit of the doubt as they have experienced discrimination at the hand of the evil white people.

4.  Obama’s “the black guy was wronged” reaction to the Cambridge Police/Professor Gates situation.  This stupid reaction was tantamount to telling the black kids to not snitch.  It perpetuates the “I am a victim of the white guy” thing.

Stuart Taylor’s article cites Amy Wax, a PA Law School prof, who says that institutional obstacles to equality are almost nonexistent because of the major strides this nation has made.  The obstacles that exist in the black community are self-inflicted now.  Racial profiling is a minor obstacle compared to the real ones that can only be eliminated by their own communities.

Somehow, I continue to cling to the thought that Pres. Obama has a unique perspective on these racial issues because he is both black and white.  Now, I think that he only sees through a lens of black victimhood.   Geraldo said that blacks and hispanics see things differently than white people do.  I am beginning to see things differently now that I know that Obama is a racist.

This is a very hard post to put out.  I’m not too comfortable with it all.  But the feeling keeps growing.


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Cash for Clunkers and Obamacare

Posted by madjillmom on July 31, 2009

There are some correlations to be drawn between the Cash for Clunkers and Obamacare programs. 

First, it ran out of money in 4 days.  Will the pent up need for healthcare make Obamacare run out of money this same way?  After all, if 47 million suddenly get healthcare and they all run to the doctor for their maladies and chronic illnesses, the backlog and costs could be overwhelming.

Second, there is also a correlation between the clunkers/gas guzzlers being crushed into scrap and the elderly who vacuum up a huge amount of our healthcare.  We need to get rid of them.  You are obsolete and cost to much to the environment, you have to be crushed.  You need a knee replacement but you are obsolete and there is a young child of undocumented immigrants that needs asthma treatments.  The elderly in this nation are the clunkers/gas guzzlers of the healthcare program.  Soylent Green anyone. 

Third, this is another program that I and my loved ones do not benefit from.  I practically gave away our old Suburban about 18 months ago, so that wasn’t available for us to trade in.  We have several cars that are all 4 cylinder models that probably wouldn’t qualify.

Fourth, the government changed the rules in the middle of the game.   EPA mileage estimates were changed and many who thought they were eligible, weren’t.  Today, Robert Gibbs tell those who planned to buy this weekend should go ahead on a promise from the administration that they will get their cash.  I don’t think I would crawl out on a limb to do this. 

Sixth, if the government can’t run this program well,  how do you expect them to run healthcare. 

Seventh, Japan and South Korea are probably really happy with the results of this program.  This is OK with me.  I wonder how GM and Chrysler did on the program?  How many UAW workers did OK on this program?

I do not have any other points, but I wanted to say that Obama usually counts his points as “Number 1 and Number 2”, never beyond that.  I got all the way to six at least.

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Teachable Moment

Posted by madjillmom on July 31, 2009

You told us it was a teachable moment.  Please, Pres. Obama, tell us what you learned. 

Sgt. Crowley gave a measured response and made himself available for questions.

Skip Gates issued a statement and did not make himself available for statements.  

Come one, Barack, give us the lecture.  Or better yet, let Joe the Sheriff give us the lecture and tell us what we should have learned from this moment.

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Beer Summit

Posted by madjillmom on July 29, 2009

The two Harvard elitists are going to go slumming with Jim the Cop.  How enlightened of them.  While Obama and Gates are slammin’ some back, they can regale Jim the Cop with Gate’s recent visit to China and the latest rumors on the season at Martha’s Vineyard.  I wonder if Jim the Cop can afford a trip to China or a vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard?  Remember how they disparaged Joe the Plumber.

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Give Them Time to Read the Bills

Posted by madjillmom on July 28, 2009

Perhaps Congress should pass a law that says that for every 150 pages of a bill there must be at least one day alloted for reading the bill.  That way, after being written and voting on separate amendments, a bill must not be voted on until a day has passed for every 150 pages.  This would give staffers time to make sure of the content of bills, and it would allow the press time to find out what is in the bill.   Less surprises and unintended consequences.

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Beer Summit – Please Pass the Pompous

Posted by madjillmom on July 26, 2009

I am of mixed feelings with the possible meeting of Harvard Prof. Henry Gates and his old friend, Pres. Obama and the Cambridge Police Sargent Crowley.  Mostly, I do not think Crowley should go.  I do not believe he did anything wrong.  (The tape would confirm this or not.) Both Gates and Obama are billing this as a teachable moment.  I do not believe the Sargent has anything to learn from the Professor or the President.  Oh, wait, there might be some things they can teach him.  They can both teach him to be arrogant.  The professor is particularly pompous and could pass along a lot of special knowledge on how to irritate average folks by name dropping and riding your custom German built trike around Martha Vineyard.

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Frying Pan, Fire, Boxers or Briefs

Posted by madjillmom on July 25, 2009

Pres. Obama is probably wishing that Lynn Sweet asked the “Boxers or Briefs” question after he surprisingly called on her last at the press conference Wednesday night.  (There has been some talk that this was a question that was possibly planted – hometown paper and push to include her in at the very end of press conference.)

Today, the esteemed Professor Gates accepted the invitation to have a beer with his friend and nemesis Sgt. Crowley. (He accepted the invitation while at his vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard.  My goodness, he really is a victim of racial profiling.)  Even Newt thought it was a classy move to issue the invitation.  But I don’t think anyone was supposed to accept the invitation and prolong the news cycle on this one.  Obama wants it to go away. 

So we have the first acting stupid moment by Obama inserting himself into the issue without having the details.  Now we have the second acting stupid moment by inviting the parties to have a beer.

Other shoes that may drop:

  • The audio tape of the incident may show who did what.  What if Gates looks like a total ass?
  • Professor Gates may have a bogus charity he runs to his and his friends financial advantage.
  • If the tapes shows Gates as an ass and he runs a bogus charity/foundation, look for Pres. Obama to tell us “this isn’t the Skip Gates I know” as he is tossed under the bus with Grandma and Rev. Wright.

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Obama Acting Stupidly

Posted by madjillmom on July 24, 2009

Obama is very measured with his words.  He came out today to explain that he has spoken with the Cambridge Sgt. and that he (Obama) shouldn’t have stoked the fires.  He claimed he should have calibrated his remarks and that he didn’t intend to characterize the police as stupid.  Obama couldn’t come out and apologize to the people he maligned in the press conference.  He still stubbornly sided with his friend.  Had his friend not escalated the situation by screaming and threatening the officers, he would never have been arrested.   The fault lies with the arrogant Harvard Professor.  Both Pres. Obama and Prof. Gates owe the Sgt. and apology.  Perhaps Obama was reacting to all the Cambridge parking tickets he had to pay leftover from his graduate school days and paid only when he decided to run for President. 

One of the lefts big problems with George Bush was that he was perceived as being unable to apologize or reconsider a course of action because he was so certain he was right.  He was stubborn in that way.  Now Obama’s ego seems to suffer from the same thing.  If you need to apologize, just do it.

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Obama as Empathetic Judge

Posted by madjillmom on July 23, 2009

Ever since Pres. Obama took the oath, he has been setting up straw men to beat up on.  Now he is playing a judge.  He evidently went to the Wise Latina School of Judging and got the Empathy System down pat.  Last night, he passed judgement on the greedy doctors ripping out tonsils for maximum fees.  He stated he didn’t know the whole story, yet felt compelled to pass judgement on the Cambridge police for arresting a black Harvard Professor and friend of Obama.  He has held a kangaroo court and passed judgement on Wall Street management, the bankers, and AIG bonus recipients.  Don’t forget the Americorps IG Walpin, fired for having the audacity to challenge an Obama supporter, friend, and black man for misuse of funds.  Post-racial, my rear end.

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Obama Should Apologize to the Cambridge Police

Posted by madjillmom on July 23, 2009

Both Pres. Obama and Professor I am a Victim Gates should publicly apologize to the Sgt. of the Cambridge Police.  The Professor was clearly in the wrong and is lucky that the charges of Disorderly Conduct have been dropped.  The Professor should thank all the policemen who came to protect him and his property.  Obama should apologize for mindlessly taking the Black Harvard Professor’s side when he did not know the circumstance.  Now he has to defend the unruly and rude behavior of the Professor just like he defended Rev. Wright.  Soon he will have to throw the whiney Professor under the Obama bus. 

If you are in the area and criminally inclined, stop by the Professor’s house because no policeman will come to the Professor’s aid if you want to break in.

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