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Sonia Sotomayor Damaged

Posted by madjillmom on July 17, 2009

Ok, the Republicans on the committee have damaged her a little.  They have managed to convince many of us that she was chosen on her qualifications of being a woman and a hispanic or “latina” as is the preferred exalted phrase.  The hearings have shown that she will do anything, say anything to be a judge on the SC.  The hearings have also shown that she wasn’t chosen because of her deep grasp of knowledge.  They have managed to slap her wrist about her empathy quotient.  Perhaps she will try harder to avoid that type of judging now that we are all looking for that kind of thing out of her. 

I would like to see 30 Republicans come to the microphones and give the Obama standard for why they aren’t voting for her.  “While she is fully qualified, I have chosen to not support her because Obama did the same thing to Justice Roberts.”  That would make me happy.

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