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Gov. Richardson Off the Hook

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2009

The Department of Justice and Eric Holder, Atty General, have signaled that the Justice Dept. will not be going after Gov. Richardson.  So, the pay for play scandal that took him out of the running for Commerce Sec. didn’t rise to the level of getting the Gov. of New Mexico.  Today, he is wandering around Cuba working to get better relations between the Castro brothers and Pres. Obama.  That certainly will help the State of New Mexico.

The Justice Dept. has also declined to prosecute the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters at a polling station in Philadelphia last November.  This was a slam dunk prosecution, but because they do not want to offend the New Black Panthers, they dropped any prosecution after they had won.

Now they are pushing for prosecuting the lawyers and the CIA operatives who said it was OK to waterboard.  Pres. Obama gets to have it both ways on this one.   He gets to claim that he doesn’t want this backward looking kangaroo court while his Atty General makes the “rogue” decision to call up a special investigation and possible prosecution.


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Enhanced Interrogation Works

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2009

The reports show that waterboarding worked.  It also shows that it wasn’t used except on a very few high value detainees.  The Obama administration is dismantling the CIA.  I do not know what Leon Paneta did to Pres. Obama, but he is paying for something.  Now, the decisions on what to do to high value detainees will be held by a committee comprised of security experts, the FBI, and the White House.  They will be making decisions knowing that if they crawl out on a limb, the Justice Dept. might saw it off.  The answer will always be the safe one.  Do nothing.

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Ted Kennedy Dies

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2009

I hope he is out of pain. It is hard for me to find anything really nice to say about Ted Kennedy.  Everything he did grew government or served his goal of being a Kennedy.  This continued right up until this weekend when he supposedly asked the Massachusetts government to change the law to allow the Mass. Governor to appoint a successor.  He had supported the law to require a special election when it served their purpose (Romney would have appointed a Republican if Kerry had won).  Even though he was too ill to go to the funeral of his sister two weeks ago, he was evidently well enough to write a letter to petition for the law to be changed back to allow Dem. Gov. Patrick to appoint a Dem to the seat.  This was all done under the notion that Massachusetts needs to have 2 senators in the game.  If Sen. Kennedy was so concerned about there being two Senators to represent the state, he should have resigned last summer when a special election would have resulted in a Democrat being elected and serving now. Now there is no guarantee that a Dem will win. I cannot underestimate the populace of Massachusetts  and whatever Kennedy they pull out of rehab to run.

I also think that he is why Barack Obama is President.  If he had supported Hillary, I think McCain could have won.  I guess he was a king maker.  Too bad he made the wrong guy king.  I do not know if he ever held a job outside of government.  He stayed too long, as many of them do.  He never came clean about Chappaquiddick.  Had his brothers lived, he would have been a footnote.

I do not like speaking ill of the dead.  I believe he is in a better place.

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Return from Ring Weekend

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2009

My husband and I returned in the early morning hours of Tuesday to the scorched earth known as Texas.  I spent yesterday trying to recover from the trip, washing clothes, paying a few bills and running a few errands.  Our trip was fine with the only real problem being the weather that was exceedingly hot and humid.  I think this was arranged special for me since I so  long for cooler weather.  The West Point Ring Ceremony was held inside and was nice.  The Saturday banquet was hot and miserable because the mess hall isn’t air conditioned and it seemed to be 90+ and very humid.  I was dying and the men were in suits and tuxes, so I really don’t know how they stood it.  When the speeches and toast were done, the crowd went out into the night to try and draw a breath.  Then onto the dance with several pictures and congratulations.  But for the seasonal heat, it would have been wonderful.

We visited Valley Forge the morning before our flights.  It was nice.  As an aside, the technology I was so enjoying Sunday afternoon proved to be taxing in the Philadelphia area.  I believe that Garmins and Philadelphia do not mix well.

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The Thrill of Modern Technology

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2009

We have just dropped of our oldest son and his girlfriend so he can take her to her flight from La Guardia.  I am in the front seat of the rental Cadillac while my husband drives.  I have his magic air card plugged into my computer and am surfing the net and posting this post while driving through the NY country as we listen to Fox News on the satellite radio.  I am in technology heaven.  It is sprinkling.  We had a nice breakfast this morning at Fiddlestix in Cornwall.

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Healthcare Reform

Posted by madjillmom on August 20, 2009

Pres. Obama has met a wall on his transformation of America.  It is call the people and his own party.  First, it was Healthcare Reform with a Public Option.  That didn’t sell, so then it was Health Insurance Reform.  This doesn’t sell either.  Then we may have to throw the public option/camel’s nose off the bus.  Just don’t say that he has changed his message.  He doesn’t like to be reminded of what he said before his last utterance.  Now, we must appeal to the moral imperative to provide access to healthcare to all people, even those who would rather have a I-phone than pay insurance premiums to some quasi-governmental agency.  Now it is only the Christian thing to do.  Marketing is an imperative to the Obama administration.  Somebody get them a new slogan, New Coke isn’t selling.

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Dog Days of Summer

Posted by madjillmom on August 19, 2009

I have tried to post this twice and the computer and internet connection just weren’t cooperating.  I will try one more time.

First, I wish to share with you that I hate this time of year.  It is too hot to go outside, cook, or breathe.  This year we are in a drought that makes me wonder what we did wrong.  Storms just waltz around us and then go away.  It is way too dry and hot and humid.  Wishing for something tropical that would dump 5 inches on my space here.  Not happening.

Preparing with minimal energy to travel to the Northeast tomorrow. We are going to see our oldest son receive his West Point ring on Friday.  This will be followed by a rushed trip to NYC and a Manhattan Night Cruise.  Saturday, there will be a banquet and dance in un-airconditioned space.  All summer long, the area has been cool until it is time for us to go up there.  Still, I am hoping to refresh out of the tropics.  Hoping Hurricane Bill stays away.  West Point is the school that first came up with the Senior Ring thing.  It is amazing how much my son is looking forward to receiving his.

Our other two sons are going to babysit the dogs and cat and house in our absence.  One of the twins is leaving while we are gone, going off to his first apartment.  I keep piling up  things I am tired of or do not need for him to take.  The other son is moving into his dorm over time (his university being only an hour away).  The twins are leaving with their own cars for school after we made purchases this summer.  I need to give them a lecture on grades, accidents, tickets and the effect it might have on their ability to keep their cars with them.  I am sure they are looking forward to that lecture.  God, please keep them safe and sound, able to make good choices.

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Reading Atlas Shrugged

Posted by madjillmom on August 14, 2009

I am finally reading Atlas Shrugged.  I bought it a few years ago because one of my sons wanted to read it.   I am blown away by the correlations to this time.  It was written around the time of my birth.  I would think that people thought it a thoughtful book of unlikely happenings.  I am only about 150 pages into  it and it is way too “right here, right now”.   I should have read it before now, but now we are living it.

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Post Office = Public Option Healthcare

Posted by madjillmom on August 11, 2009

With the incredibly amenable group surrounding him, Pres. Obama made a correlation regarding how a public option keeps the private companies honest.  He did this by saying the FedEx and UPS are doing fine even though they have to compete with the government post office.  Great analogy, Mr. President.  Have you ever stood in line at the Post Office.  Probably not.

The White House made a big deal about how this press conference wasn’t hand picked and that he was ready for tough questions.  Yeah, it looked just like all the other townhalls being held, except there really weren’t any tough questions.  Thank goodness our President is so brave and can take the  heat.

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Fear of Canadians

Posted by madjillmom on August 11, 2009

Our President was being witty yesterday.  He told us that since we do not want a single payer system like Canada, then it of course follows that we fear Canadians.  He says he doesn’t, but we all know how sophisticated and worldly he is.  The angry, middle-aged mobs will probably start a new “minute man” group to patrol the northern border so that some of that socialized medicine doesn’t seep down through the 49th parallel.  Another strawman erected by Obama having no relevance to the ongoing discussion about healthcare.

Today, he is in New Hampshire for a townhall meeting.   The audience is handpicked.  I hope someone checked to make sure no scary Canadians got in.

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