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Dog Days of Summer

Posted by madjillmom on August 19, 2009

I have tried to post this twice and the computer and internet connection just weren’t cooperating.  I will try one more time.

First, I wish to share with you that I hate this time of year.  It is too hot to go outside, cook, or breathe.  This year we are in a drought that makes me wonder what we did wrong.  Storms just waltz around us and then go away.  It is way too dry and hot and humid.  Wishing for something tropical that would dump 5 inches on my space here.  Not happening.

Preparing with minimal energy to travel to the Northeast tomorrow. We are going to see our oldest son receive his West Point ring on Friday.  This will be followed by a rushed trip to NYC and a Manhattan Night Cruise.  Saturday, there will be a banquet and dance in un-airconditioned space.  All summer long, the area has been cool until it is time for us to go up there.  Still, I am hoping to refresh out of the tropics.  Hoping Hurricane Bill stays away.  West Point is the school that first came up with the Senior Ring thing.  It is amazing how much my son is looking forward to receiving his.

Our other two sons are going to babysit the dogs and cat and house in our absence.  One of the twins is leaving while we are gone, going off to his first apartment.  I keep piling up  things I am tired of or do not need for him to take.  The other son is moving into his dorm over time (his university being only an hour away).  The twins are leaving with their own cars for school after we made purchases this summer.  I need to give them a lecture on grades, accidents, tickets and the effect it might have on their ability to keep their cars with them.  I am sure they are looking forward to that lecture.  God, please keep them safe and sound, able to make good choices.


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