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Return from Ring Weekend

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2009

My husband and I returned in the early morning hours of Tuesday to the scorched earth known as Texas.  I spent yesterday trying to recover from the trip, washing clothes, paying a few bills and running a few errands.  Our trip was fine with the only real problem being the weather that was exceedingly hot and humid.  I think this was arranged special for me since I so  long for cooler weather.  The West Point Ring Ceremony was held inside and was nice.  The Saturday banquet was hot and miserable because the mess hall isn’t air conditioned and it seemed to be 90+ and very humid.  I was dying and the men were in suits and tuxes, so I really don’t know how they stood it.  When the speeches and toast were done, the crowd went out into the night to try and draw a breath.  Then onto the dance with several pictures and congratulations.  But for the seasonal heat, it would have been wonderful.

We visited Valley Forge the morning before our flights.  It was nice.  As an aside, the technology I was so enjoying Sunday afternoon proved to be taxing in the Philadelphia area.  I believe that Garmins and Philadelphia do not mix well.


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