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Ted Kennedy Dies

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2009

I hope he is out of pain. It is hard for me to find anything really nice to say about Ted Kennedy.  Everything he did grew government or served his goal of being a Kennedy.  This continued right up until this weekend when he supposedly asked the Massachusetts government to change the law to allow the Mass. Governor to appoint a successor.  He had supported the law to require a special election when it served their purpose (Romney would have appointed a Republican if Kerry had won).  Even though he was too ill to go to the funeral of his sister two weeks ago, he was evidently well enough to write a letter to petition for the law to be changed back to allow Dem. Gov. Patrick to appoint a Dem to the seat.  This was all done under the notion that Massachusetts needs to have 2 senators in the game.  If Sen. Kennedy was so concerned about there being two Senators to represent the state, he should have resigned last summer when a special election would have resulted in a Democrat being elected and serving now. Now there is no guarantee that a Dem will win. I cannot underestimate the populace of Massachusetts  and whatever Kennedy they pull out of rehab to run.

I also think that he is why Barack Obama is President.  If he had supported Hillary, I think McCain could have won.  I guess he was a king maker.  Too bad he made the wrong guy king.  I do not know if he ever held a job outside of government.  He stayed too long, as many of them do.  He never came clean about Chappaquiddick.  Had his brothers lived, he would have been a footnote.

I do not like speaking ill of the dead.  I believe he is in a better place.


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