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Gov. Richardson Off the Hook

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2009

The Department of Justice and Eric Holder, Atty General, have signaled that the Justice Dept. will not be going after Gov. Richardson.  So, the pay for play scandal that took him out of the running for Commerce Sec. didn’t rise to the level of getting the Gov. of New Mexico.  Today, he is wandering around Cuba working to get better relations between the Castro brothers and Pres. Obama.  That certainly will help the State of New Mexico.

The Justice Dept. has also declined to prosecute the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters at a polling station in Philadelphia last November.  This was a slam dunk prosecution, but because they do not want to offend the New Black Panthers, they dropped any prosecution after they had won.

Now they are pushing for prosecuting the lawyers and the CIA operatives who said it was OK to waterboard.  Pres. Obama gets to have it both ways on this one.   He gets to claim that he doesn’t want this backward looking kangaroo court while his Atty General makes the “rogue” decision to call up a special investigation and possible prosecution.


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