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Army Generals Need Better Intelligence

Posted by madjillmom on September 28, 2009

After Gen. McChrystal’s acknowledgment that he has spoken to the President only once since he was appointed leads me to believe that the Army in Afghanistan needs better intel. Here is my suggestion.  Have the General lie in wait in David Letterman’s green room.  You are bound to come across Obama sooner or later.

I do understand that Obama has had time to meet with General Purple Heart John Kerry,General Sheriff Joe Biden, and General I Gave My Support Powell,  who are advising him on the strategy in Afghanistan.  Of course, they haven’t been on the ground in Afghanistan for the last few months.


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Cooking for Dummies

Posted by madjillmom on September 24, 2009

One of our twins (age 19) has been living in an apartment for over a month.  It is a four small bedrooms and is shared with three other young men near the campus of his University.  When I spoke to him earlier this evening, he reported that he had prepared his first meal today.  Incredible.  I am proud of you my son.  Keep up the good work.  You only need to eat once a month anyway.  Why didn’t I think of that earlier in your life?

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The President’s Time Management

Posted by madjillmom on September 24, 2009

Glenn Beck’s TV Show today had a great piece about all the things Pres. Obama has had time to do since his hand-picked General McChrystal sent his report on Afghanistan in at the end of August.  Here is a brief rundown of his busy schedule:

1. Vacation – with golf

2.  More golf on the weekends

3.  Basketball games

4.  Letterman for an hour

5. Capitulating to Putin/Russia while simultaneously stabbing Poland in the back

6.  Getting great deals for your corporate economic buddies with Mother Russia after capitulating to Russia

7.  Restaging reason for Healthcare reform repeatedly

8.  Doing 5 news shows in one day

9.  Joint Congressional Speech

10.  King of the World for one day – preside over the UN – impress all the tinpot dictators

11.  A lovely speech to America’s school children

12.  Daily workout estimated to be 45 minutes to an hour (sometimes talked of as an hour and a half)

13.  Ignored the Tea Party held in DC by flying to another state and campaigning for something again

14.  Threw Van Jones under the bus

Gosh darn, that man is busy.  No wonder he hasn’t had time to make a decision about the 66 page report.  He has barely even heard of Afghanistan, and he needs a new mission statement in order to go forward, and the left wing of his party isn’t happy about his previous statements on the new and improved good war.  Oh, wait, he has barely heard of ACORN, not Afghanistan. That’s OK.  No problem.  Take your time.  It is only a few of our guys dying  and being maimed.  Remember, he has his hands full taking over healthcare.  Everyone will die if he doesn’t take over healthcare soon.

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Weirdness on the Road at Dusk

Posted by madjillmom on September 23, 2009

When I first started doing this blog (as therapy), I had occasion to be surprised by a pack of wild chihuahuas running through my rural yard.  It was surreal.  Tonight, I was driving home from some Census training in a city about an hour away after training all day.  It was dusk and trying to rain.  I was surprised to see a large bird sitting on the bridge of the county road I was taking.  It didn’t move and I had to stop.  I realized it was a peahen, the less adorned  female of the more recognizable peacock.  It was a first for me.

While rising early this morning, I heard a cry much like a female being hurt through our open windows.  It was still dark and my husband was sound asleep.   I was alarmed and looked through the windows to see if something was happening.  It was another weird thing that you question if you really heard something.  Now I wonder if it was the roaming peahen or her mate.

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Strategy of War?? How about Victory

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2009

Per the Washington Post: “Obama said last week that he will not decide whether to send more troops until he has ‘absolute clarity about what the strategy is going to be’.”

Is it utterly simplistic to say that the ultimate strategy of any war by any nation is WIN?!!!!  It is the President’s handpicked Gen. McChrystal who is requesting the additional troops in order to salvage the effort and be victorious.  If you don’t want to win the war you said was the right war, what is it you want to do.  I believe he doesn’t have the fortitude and conviction to ride over his own party and get the job done.

Last night, our oldest son sent a text to tell us that his first platoon leader at West Point had just lost his legs in Afghanistan.  It is getting closer to his active military career and eventual deployment into a war our President is trying to decide if he really wants to win.  I hope the President figures it out before our son has to go.

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President Obama in a Bubble

Posted by madjillmom on September 20, 2009

No one in the White House watches Fox, so no one saw fit to inform the President that there is a controversy about one of his favorite organizations, ACORN.  When he tells us he doesn’t know about it, he strains credulity.  But it isn’t so far fetched if you believe no one in the White House watches or even monitors Fox News.  As you may suspect, I watch it all the time.  If they need someone, I could make a report on what they are discussing and have it attached to the President’s Morning Briefing.  I could be the Fox Watch Czar.

Pres. Obama avoids Fox at his own peril.  He is so thin skinned.  As I said the other day, it isn’t the pigment of his skin, it the policies.  Maybe I should amend that to it is the policies and the thickness of his skin.

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Audit the Fed

Posted by madjillmom on September 20, 2009

Last week I received a request from Congressman Ron Paul regarding his and his followers favorite topic – Audit the Fed.  It was a request for financial support.  I do not know how I feel about this issue.  I do know that someone should audit ACORN and all it’s subsidiaries.

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It’s the Policies, Not the Pigment

Posted by madjillmom on September 17, 2009

To:  Jimmy Carter and Bill Cosby

From:  Me

Please note the title.  Thanks for your input.

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Jimmy Carter Knows My Heart

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter knows what I am thinking.  I think he is kinda like the amazing Kreskin.  He knows that I am a racist, not matter what I say or write.

If I was Jimmy Carter, I would have stayed quiet after Osama Bin Ladin gave his anti-Israeli book a great review.

Quit crying racism when there isn’t any!!!

Update:  Please sing along with me.  (to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”)

I’m a racist, this I know.

Cause Jimmah Carter told me so

Barack Obama I disdain

cause he is black and has a brain.

My apologies.

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Investigating ACORN

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2009

There is a call for the Attorney General to investigate the corruption at ACORN.  I don’t think that the Justice Department that dismissed the charges against the New Black Panthers and Gov. Richardson will have the time to investigate ACORN.  They are too busy investigating the CIA.

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