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Popularity and Political Capital

Posted by madjillmom on September 1, 2009

For the past six months, pundits from the “progressive” side have told us that Pres. Obama’s policies will pass because he is so personally popular.  Those numbers are down.  Now the policies of the “one” must be sold on merit.  The freight train has been slowed and may be derailed.  Cap and Trade/Tax won’t fly, Healthcare Reform won’t pass in any current form, and Immigration may never be mentioned again.  Wonder about Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.  The only job numbers that are growing are the list of Czars and other government workers.

For a man who has a handful of jobs while accomplishing very little, it looks like he is tiring or in over his head.  The only accomplishments I have ever seen are two biographies before age 45.  But that was easy, he just had to sell himself. That is something he likes to do.


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