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Gone Too Far Czar

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2009

I want to apply for the job of Gone Too Far Czar.  The people who surround the President are evidently unable to know when they have gone too far.  They do not have the perspective.  I think they should run all their ideas by me, if I smirk or snort, it means they have gone too far.  I smirked and snorted at the following  (and much more):

1. Michelle’s $500 ugly tennis shoes that she wore to a homeless shelter

2. The creepy wording of Dept. of Education teacher recommendations the children tell what they can do to help Pres. Obama

3.  The resume of Van Jones, the Green Job Czar

4.  The kneejerk reaction to Skip Gates’ arrest at his own home

5.  The giving of so much of GM to the UAW and the dissing of all the bondholders, stockholders, and non-union working people everywhere (an estimated 92%)

When you have surrounded yourself with ranting reverends, aging hippy terrorists, pompous Harvard professors, Communist Czars, and the like, you are unable to see what we see.  I could be overstating from my typical white person perspective, so you should take that into account before you give me the job and generous salary.  Still, I could be your token conservative Czar.  I have a few skeletons in my past, so I should fit right in.


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