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Doing Van Jones a Favor

Posted by madjillmom on September 6, 2009

Pres. Obama awarded the job of Green Jobs Czar to Van Jones.  It was the first of his 5 million green jobs promise.  Now Van Jones has resigned in the face of too many charges about his past/present views that are revealed to be too far out to be in the White House.  Now it is evident that Fox News has done Van Jones a great favor.

Van Jones is very much in the mold of Prof. Skip Gates.  A smart black Ivy Leage graduate who likes to tell us how he has suffered or how the black race is suffering from being held down by the white man.  Mr. Jones tells us that the white polluters send the pollution to the black communities.  He tells us that a black man has the right to kill a policeman and go free. Now he will get on his soapbox and tell us that the evil white Fox News and that really white Glenn Beck are racist.  Go for it, Van.

Now that he has been banished before he got tossed under the bus, let’s please assess why he got there in the first place.  Valerie Jarrett recently bragged on him at the nutroots convention that she knew all about his past.  When a man like this with self-proclaimed views is brought on board, one has to consider that Obama holds similar views.  Remember Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Phlegger, Tony Rezko, “White mans greed makes a world in need”, etc.

As a typical white person, I have to ask why he surrounds himself with people who blame white people for every ill in our country.  I think Pres. Obama does not value me as much as he values his black brethren.  I am feeling discriminated against.  I guess you can sayy it is my turn.


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