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Green Jobs Created? Any Jobs Created?

Posted by madjillmom on September 6, 2009

With the resignation of Van Jones as the Green Job Czar, I want to know how many jobs the Green Job Czar created in his 5 or 6 months on the job?  Does anyone know?

When Obama told us he would save or create jobs, I didn’t think they would all be Czars.

The apparent new way to create the numbers for jobs saved is to take the January unemployment numbers as a benchmark against all other months.  So if January 09 had 750,000 jobs lost and July had 250,000 jobs lost, then the administration says the stimulus has saved 500,000 jobs.  Once again, I spent $5000 in January but only $2000 in July, so I saved $3000.  Yeah, that works.  No new jobs, but talking points that say  jobs have been “saved”.    This way, if a monthly employment number shows that one actual job was created, it would really mean you saved 750,000 jobs and created 1.

I hope Pres. Obama doesn’t introduce this new math in his speech to schoolkids.


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