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Atlas Shrugged

Posted by madjillmom on September 7, 2009

I finished Atlas Shrugged on Friday.  I am  still blown away by the book, especially in light of the time it was written.  As I read it, I would have to shut the book and try to focus my mind on something positive.  The correlations to today were too real and scary.  It was so relentless.  This may sound as though I didn’t like the book, but I did.  I would recommend it to anyone and hope my husband and other two kids will read it soon.

My youngest son read it a few years ago and said he skipped or skimmed  the John Gault speech.  I ended up doing the same.  By the time of the speech, you have to be an idiot to not understand where the movers are coming from with their strike.  My son has a philosophy class this semester so we discussed how his class might be like the speech.  I want 5 or six sentences encapsulating the concept.  Otherwise, my eyes glaze over and I skim.


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