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Healthcare Percentages of Our Economy

Posted by madjillmom on September 9, 2009

In 1993, Hillary Care was proposed because we were spending too much money on healthcare and not enough people were covered.  It was said at the time that healthcare was 16% of our economy.  Now we are having a similar fight and it is said that healthcare is 18% of our economy and we have to do something or “more Americans will die”.  So, healthcare has grown by 2% points in 16 years.  OMG.  How will we survive.  Medical science has advanced in that 16 years, but the slice of the pie has only increased by 2 points.  Am I looking at this wrong?  The price of college and college textbooks has risen much more during the same time.  The price of cars has risen more, haven’t they.  The price of cereal has gone up more than that.

Does this mean we need a “public” university to bring down the price of the state run State U?  Or a public car manufacturer?  Oh, yeah, we have those now.  Now that GM is truly government motors, will the price of Fords go down?  I don’t even want to eat government produced corn flakes.


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