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Weirdness on the Road at Dusk

Posted by madjillmom on September 23, 2009

When I first started doing this blog (as therapy), I had occasion to be surprised by a pack of wild chihuahuas running through my rural yard.  It was surreal.  Tonight, I was driving home from some Census training in a city about an hour away after training all day.  It was dusk and trying to rain.  I was surprised to see a large bird sitting on the bridge of the county road I was taking.  It didn’t move and I had to stop.  I realized it was a peahen, the less adorned  female of the more recognizable peacock.  It was a first for me.

While rising early this morning, I heard a cry much like a female being hurt through our open windows.  It was still dark and my husband was sound asleep.   I was alarmed and looked through the windows to see if something was happening.  It was another weird thing that you question if you really heard something.  Now I wonder if it was the roaming peahen or her mate.


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