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The President’s Time Management

Posted by madjillmom on September 24, 2009

Glenn Beck’s TV Show today had a great piece about all the things Pres. Obama has had time to do since his hand-picked General McChrystal sent his report on Afghanistan in at the end of August.  Here is a brief rundown of his busy schedule:

1. Vacation – with golf

2.  More golf on the weekends

3.  Basketball games

4.  Letterman for an hour

5. Capitulating to Putin/Russia while simultaneously stabbing Poland in the back

6.  Getting great deals for your corporate economic buddies with Mother Russia after capitulating to Russia

7.  Restaging reason for Healthcare reform repeatedly

8.  Doing 5 news shows in one day

9.  Joint Congressional Speech

10.  King of the World for one day – preside over the UN – impress all the tinpot dictators

11.  A lovely speech to America’s school children

12.  Daily workout estimated to be 45 minutes to an hour (sometimes talked of as an hour and a half)

13.  Ignored the Tea Party held in DC by flying to another state and campaigning for something again

14.  Threw Van Jones under the bus

Gosh darn, that man is busy.  No wonder he hasn’t had time to make a decision about the 66 page report.  He has barely even heard of Afghanistan, and he needs a new mission statement in order to go forward, and the left wing of his party isn’t happy about his previous statements on the new and improved good war.  Oh, wait, he has barely heard of ACORN, not Afghanistan. That’s OK.  No problem.  Take your time.  It is only a few of our guys dying  and being maimed.  Remember, he has his hands full taking over healthcare.  Everyone will die if he doesn’t take over healthcare soon.


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