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H1N1 and Regular Flu Shots

Posted by madjillmom on October 28, 2009

Due to some extenuating circumstances, I won’t be getting my usual seasonal flu shot this year. One of the circumstances is that my husband’s company offered the seasonal flu shots free and sent out a nice flier to remind us strongly to pursue said prevention. So my husband made finally made a call and put the brochure aside. Then the night before last, I went to the website to request the free voucher and they said the program for vouchers was shut down. I guess we were too late, even though there was no expiration date on the glossy brochure. The program would have saved us $50 in a rather expensive year medical wise. A friend told me last week that she had called around locally and no one had any left. She had to go to the next town over. I was with a friend in the big city yesterday. She got her shot at a nearby Kroger about 2 weeks ago. She took me to the store and they were out also. They reported that the two or three nearby Kroger stores were also out. I asked if they were getting anymore and was told there is no more available. Wow. Is there that much of an increase in people getting seasonal flu shots? Or has the supply been cut? Has it been cut to switch over to H1N1? I have heard the stories circulating about lower supplies than promised for the H1N1 shot.

I hadn’t planned on getting the shot for H1N1. Early on, there was a bit of talk of people born before 1957 having a bit of natural immunity. I was just concerned about the possibility of getting both flues in quick succession, so I was betting on a natural immunity with the prevention of the seasonal flu shot. Now I am shut out of the seasonal flu shot and way on the far end of high priority with the H1N1. Wonder if there will be enough doses of that to go around?

For those that don’t know, your government orders the seasonal flu shot in a quantity they determine. Your doctor or pharmacist can’t call and order more. They have gotten their allotment. What does this bode for hip replacements and high blood pressure when the federal government runs the health care industry?


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Central Authority Decides Executive Pay

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2009

Pres. Obama’s pay czar will be cutting the pay of bailout recipient’s executives.  Reports are that some will be told to decrease their pay by 90%.  Wow!  While I hate some of the ridiculous rates some executives are paid, there is no reason to have the government try to control this situation.  The only possible positive is that this will probably result in quicker payback of bailouts.

Perhaps someone should talk to the pay czar about the salaries of Hollywood stars and sports stars in our country. Bet they won’t touch that.

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White House War with Fox

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2009

Now the strategy is out.  Warn the other news outlets that there will be a price if they want to adopt a similar “perspective”, with an eye toward increased viewership, and the resultant evil corporate profits.  Make sure everyone has the talking points that Fox isn’t really a news organization.  Let everyone know the only reason they do what they do is PROFITS.  Do this while Fox plays the tape showing Ms. Dunn calling the rest of the MSM dupes and rubes, being led around by the nose ring by the amazing spin of the Obama campaign.

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Afghanistan is Corrupt

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2009

While Pres. Obama was a new Senator, he was put in charge of a Senate subcommittee that was responsible for oversight in Afghanistan.  In his 143 days as a Senator not Running for President, he choose not to call a meeting of the subcommittee to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.  As Candidate Obama, he choose to call the war in Afghanistan the necessary war, in contrast to his opinion of the war in Iraq.  Now the administration is claiming that there is no way the President can make a decision about the troop levels because they do not know if they have a government in place that will be a proper partner for a surge in our forces.  It is “reckless”. Evidently, after  being President for nine months, they are just now figuring out that the government in Afghanistan is corrupt.  Evidently, it is OK to leave lower troop levels in place not working with the corrupt government.  Can someone say “Present”.

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Our Aggie Meets the Presidents

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2009

Got a text from one of the our sons today that he was going to a meeting with Sec. Gates this afternoon and that Gates was bringing a surprise who everyone thought was going to be Pres. Obama.  I waited to hear from him and he called about an hour ago.  He shook hands with Pres. Obama and Pres. Bush (41).  Sec. Gates signed some article of his corps uniform.  He was very excited.  His twin doesn’t believe him.

Pres. Obama was at A & M at the invitation of Bush 41 speaking about volunteerism.  There was an invitation/ticket only speech at Rudder Auditorium.  Then Sec. Gates brought the Presidents over to Duncan Hall for a Corps of Cadets only short speech.  The Presidential motorcade came up into the Quad.  While I disagree with most everything that Obama has done or plans to do, I remain happy that our sons (feel similarly) can get excited about shaking a President’s hand.

I also told him he should ask for a Presidential pardon for the MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) he received last week.  This did not happen.   I am going to look for some pictures of the meeting to see if I can spot my excited son.  If I find one, I might post it.  It was good of the President to go to the Corps as so many of them will be serving in the military.  A year ago, A & M was second only to West Point for deaths of those serving in the military in the War on Terror.

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Herbal Essense Shampoo

Posted by madjillmom on October 15, 2009

When I was a teenager, many years ago, Clairol came out with Herbal Essence Shampoo.  It was a beautiful emerald green and it was affordable or it wouldn’t have made it to our bathroom.  It had the most wonderful smell, like a fir or pine forest and I loved it.  Somewhere along the way, it went away.  Then about 4 years ago, Clairol came out with Herbal Essense shampoos with ridiculous commercials with orgasmic exclamations that I found personally embarrassing.  I tried one or two but they were all overwhelmingly floral and not herbal/pine nor wonderful emerald green.  I wish they would bring the original back.

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Obama Makes a War Decision

Posted by madjillmom on October 13, 2009

The President is having a hard time deciding about the additional troops for Afghanistan.  However, he has decided to go to war against Fox News.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Afghanistan

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2009

Pres. Obama loudly said he would get rid of DADT and yet he is having problems deciding what to do about the additional troop request from Gen. McChrystal.  So, here is the solution.  Repeal DADT and then require that 20,000 of the 40,000 troops requested be acknowledged gays.  Now, all the gay rights people can step up to the recruiter’s office and go to war because they think it is a necessary right.  I often see posts on blogs bemoaning the fact that Pres. Obama hasn’t acted on DADT.  However, they rarely say just how much they want to join the military.

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Barack’s Nifty Nobel Prize

Posted by madjillmom on October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize because…

  1. He isn’t George Bush.
  2. It will piss off Bill and Hillary. Gore and Arafat have one and they don’t.
  3. Nothing he did, but all the promises.
  4. He is siding with the Palestinians against Israel – a sure fire way to get noticed by the Committee.  Arafat and Carter as examples.
  5. He can give a really nifty speech.  He should share the money with his teleprompter.
  6. Peace in Chicago – Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have been dispatched to war-torn inner city Chicago to stop the gang wars and establish peace.  As soon as they figure out a strategy, someone will e-mail it to Obama and General McChrystal to implement in Afghanistan.
  7. It was a consolation prize for losing out on the 2016 Olympics.
  8. He has a really nice smile.
  9. He has written (maybe) two biographies about himself and his search for his identity.  Now he will have to write a third one.  Goody.
  10. The Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t mean much anymore.

Now I am curious as to who informed the President of his prestigious award.  Fox reported that reporters woke up Gibbs who then called the President.  In Obama’s remarks to the nation, he said his daughter came in and told him about it and  their three day weekend. (Time enough to fly to Norway, I suppose.)   I can just see the First Family and Bo bounding onto the Presidential bed with excitement.  What a way to begin the day.

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Priorities for the President

Posted by madjillmom on October 4, 2009

While 8 brave soldiers were being killed in Afghanistan, Pres. Obama was handling the really important stuff.  Last night was date night.  I know, it was their 17th anniversary.  Today, it will probably be golf day.  I resent all these things while Obama leisurely reviews his recent strategy of Afghanistan from March to placate the left and his nutroots.  The press and the left drove George Bush to abandon golf while we were at war.  Will the MSM ever say anything about Obama and his slavish addiction to working out, basketball, and now golf, while our guys are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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