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Our Aggie Meets the Presidents

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2009

Got a text from one of the our sons today that he was going to a meeting with Sec. Gates this afternoon and that Gates was bringing a surprise who everyone thought was going to be Pres. Obama.  I waited to hear from him and he called about an hour ago.  He shook hands with Pres. Obama and Pres. Bush (41).  Sec. Gates signed some article of his corps uniform.  He was very excited.  His twin doesn’t believe him.

Pres. Obama was at A & M at the invitation of Bush 41 speaking about volunteerism.  There was an invitation/ticket only speech at Rudder Auditorium.  Then Sec. Gates brought the Presidents over to Duncan Hall for a Corps of Cadets only short speech.  The Presidential motorcade came up into the Quad.  While I disagree with most everything that Obama has done or plans to do, I remain happy that our sons (feel similarly) can get excited about shaking a President’s hand.

I also told him he should ask for a Presidential pardon for the MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) he received last week.  This did not happen.   I am going to look for some pictures of the meeting to see if I can spot my excited son.  If I find one, I might post it.  It was good of the President to go to the Corps as so many of them will be serving in the military.  A year ago, A & M was second only to West Point for deaths of those serving in the military in the War on Terror.


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