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Terrorism at Ft. Hood

Posted by madjillmom on November 8, 2009

I have been thinking about this horrific act of terrorism since it happened.  It is terrorism, plain and simple, because a man who benefited from the greatness of our country chose to payback those benefits by perpetrating a terrible premeditated act upon the heart of our Nation.  It was an act of cowardice.  Major Hasan has the notion that Muslims should rise up against the aggressors (us).  He spoke about  his religious convictions in inappropriate settings, and complained to his family about harassment .   He had other avenues,  but he chose to perpetrate an act of terrorism.

Deployment is a fact of the military.  If you aren’t willing to go to war, then do not join the military.  There is no draft.  The military is all volunteer.  Do not whine about being deployed for your first time as a Major.

I know that the Army is deeply concerned over suicide among the ranks.  It has been a top priority of the Army to help soldiers better deal with multiple deployments, stress, and family issues.  Major Hasan had no family issues.  He didn’t have a long suffering wife and children to orphan.  He hadn’t been deployed even once.  It is a wonder he made Major.  As a psychiatrist for the Army, educated at Army and taxpayer expense, he was probably a part of the Army wide initiative to prevent suicides.  He could have gone to his superior and told him he was having suicidal thoughts.  He probably would have been pulled from deployment, hospitalized, and possibly released from the Army.  He chose not to do  this.

He could have gone to his superior and told him or her that he could no longer had allegiance to the United States and that his allegiance was to Islam.  He would have possibly been jailed or released with a big bill for his education.  He chose not to do this.

He chose to kill those he worked alongside as well as civilians in the name of a perversion of his religion.

Were there alerts that Major Hasan was becoming a Muslim extremist?  There were several time that people wanted to file reports of his inappropriate speech. But the Army is very sensitive to religious persecution, so some of the concerns were probably stifled.  There needs to be a better path for reasonable complaints to be filed.  No concerns about political correctness or CAIR  filing suit when a legitimate concern arises.  This is not just an Army problem, but a problem throughout out country.  If Major Hasan was experiencing comments or harassment, all he had to do was file a complaint.  This was one of his issues according to his cousin.  Somehow, an act of terrorism is justified in some minds because Major Hasan was possible harassed.  All people in the Army are harassed at one time or another.  If you are persecuted, make a complaint.  Major Hasan chose another way to handle it.  Too bad for Political Correctness.

The people he injured and killed are heroes.  He is a coward.


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