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My Husband and My Projects

Posted by madjillmom on December 30, 2009

I am trying to handle these things, these yearnings I have in an appropriate way, but it is hard for me. For reasons I do not understand, I have projectitis. Since our holidays began about 2 weeks ago, the yearnings or aggravation has been bubbling up and I have been trying to handle these things in a constructive way, without being bitchy and raising my voice.

I have tried to put myself to work doing some of the projects that I have on my list. This started a few days before Christmas when I took some leftover paint to paint my old office (slated to be husbands new office of pool table room in the future). I quickly covered a wall with a first coat, covering up the faux technique I did many years ago. The paint is good but not right for the space, so I started thinking I could use in my small bath and fix some spots in the living room and stairwell where a boo-boo happened a few months ago. There the options brewed in my head for several more days.

On Christmas Day, I straightened our closet as it was closing in on me. Husband said nothing. I wrote down the giveaways for tax purposes and put it all in a part of the garage for dropping off someday soon.

On Boxing Day, while the others were at the movies seeing something I really didn’t want to see, I began constructing a wall mounted table in our laundry closet over the washer and dryer. I have wanted this project for several years. It was finished but not painted by 10 pm with my husband’s help after the movie. The next day was our Christmas Meal day when some girlfriends came to visit.

Yesterday, I cleaned out under our bathroom sink and patched a large cutout that was leaking cold air from the walls or something. It has been there since we moved in 10 years ago. My husband recently mentioned the cold draft while shaving in front of the sink. As again, my husband said nothing while I did the work but did dutifully empty the garbage after the project.

Today, the family planned a lunch trip to the favorite local mexican food restaurant. I stayed behind and scraped the popcorn ceiling from our small bathroom. This is because I want to paint the room, but won’t paint without removing the horrible ceiling. It is now a rule that the awful job of taking off the popcorn must be done if you are repainting a room. This rule is mine and not my husbands. So I took a muscle relaxer, got the spray bottle, and scraped the little ceiling, took down the disgustingly dirty A/C vent, and am cleaning up to prepare for painting the small room with a brush. My husband’s main comment was why was I taking down the towel racks. I mentioned yesterday that I want a larger shelf above the toilet for towels to relieve some of the storage problems we have in the small bath. I then later told him I was going to scrape the ceiling and paint the bath. He didn’t voice any objection, nor offer to help. So I started the project this morning. This whole thing begins to fall under the “seek forgiveness” instead of “ask permission” scenario. Even though I show all signs of having projectitis, he doesn’t seem to notice. Later today, I will paint. Tomorrow I will install shelf.

This long post really has to do with only one project I want done, or at least begun. We have lived in this house for over ten years. During that time, our pool table has inhabited what space there is for a dining table. That has been ok but now I want it to change. A table we bought sits in our garage. For this whole holiday time, I have tried to get the pool table taken apart and moved to the garage so that I can serve a meal at the new table. I have consulted the internet and know that taking apart a pool table is a big job. My husband is not on board with this notion. It will save us several hundred dollars when we call out some people to move the table, put it back up in a new room, and re-felt the table. Our young sons will soon be back at school and then there is no chance to get the table moved. I have even taken to boycotting game playing with our kids and friends until I have a table I do not have to squat around to play games at.

I have put this campaign in high gear trying to get my way. In the past, I would just duke it out with husband, but I am trying to be a better person to him. I am beginning to wonder if I can continue doing it this way. Perhaps I may have to revert to screaming and door slamming to get this done.

Females are the civilizing force in this world. Renovations and change are not usually brought up by the male of the species unless he is gay. I have been married to this man for over 29 years. He always resists change and remodeling/renovation. It always requires an exhaustion of forcing my will on whatever project I deem necessary. Usually he ends up helping, though often under duress. But always, after the project is done, he likes it. Usually he likes it a lot. In fact, he is the one that shows off the project to friends and family. After almost 30 years, why do I have to beg or scream when a project needs doing.


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Times Square Scare Timely Conclusion

Posted by madjillmom on December 30, 2009

Gosh, I am so thankful that the Times Square scare is being taken care of quickly. Because of the NYPD and other authorities, it will no doubt be taken care of before Pres. Obama goes to the gym or golf course.

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Underwear Bomber

Posted by madjillmom on December 29, 2009

What will the Eunuch Suicide Bomber do in the land of 72 virgins? In a world where the female form is hidden under a bolt of cloth, these young men seem to be willing to do anything to get laid. Our culture is crude about sex, but our young men don’t have to go to such measures.

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Suicide Bombers and the Briefs or Boxers Question

Posted by madjillmom on December 29, 2009

Amid updates that the 23 year old bomber just really needed the attention of his father or some other role model, I wish to discuss his choice of underwear. From the published pictures, it appears that the young “alleged” suicide bomber prefers a bikini brief that makes me wonder if he shops in France in an expensive boutique. As the mother of three young disaffected, loner, young men (possibly also searching for a proper role model), who wouldn’t be caught dead in those bikini briefs, I worry what would happen if they decided to use their far more ample boxer briefs to hide a larger bomb to take out a Starbucks if we had one in our small multicutural burg. Seems to me the culture war is further complicated by our choices of underwear and religious yearnings.

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Obama Tries to Look Concerned Again

Posted by madjillmom on December 29, 2009

Once again, and against mounting criticism of the process, the President has come out again to portray to the people of the United States that he is indeed concerned about the “alleged” attack by persons of unknown color and religion on a national holiday that also won’t be mentioned. He was able to fit this brief message to the people in between trips to the gym, golf, and visits to private beaches and the like. I know, he is really tired. Perhaps he should cut down on trips to the gym and take little naps instead. Then he could probably get the mood of the American public right and stop making useless appearances replete with facts that we all already know, but that he has just learned.

If things get worse for Obama, Janet better update her resume.

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Passengers are the Front Line of Defense

Posted by madjillmom on December 27, 2009

Since yesterday, when Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano decreed that the system worked, we are all on notice. Unarmed passengers are the front lines, the first responders to terrorism. When passengers have to respond, it goes without saying that the system failed. I know it makes me feel safer to know the professionals are what stands between us and the terrorists. Grandma and the box of divinity could take out a whole squad of terrorists in a flash.

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Terror Attack Attempt on Airline

Posted by madjillmom on December 26, 2009

Thank God that the terrorist was unable to accomplish his desires yesterday.  I am so happy that no one was hurt by this wretched individual.  He probably felt he had no other choice, being mired in poverty and ignorance.  Oh, wait, he was the son of a wealthy banker with an English education living in a fabulous apartment in London.  Oh, silly me.

I am also very thankful that this plan did not make it to fruition.  I would really hate to see our President have to come home from his vacation on the beach in a fabulous mansion.  I have heard that today Pres. Obama is golfing and going to the gym.  I guess he really needs a rest what with fixing global climate change,health care, and picking up his Nobel Peace Prize.  Oh, wait, silly me…

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Merry Christmas to All

Posted by madjillmom on December 24, 2009

Our kids are home, the gifts are mostly wrapped, and the weather is blustery and cold. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We are cooking in a few days, delaying our meal until some others are here to help us celebrate. Having some tamales tonight as is our ritual.

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Dems Continue to Pat Themselves on the Back

Posted by madjillmom on December 24, 2009

Another step toward socialized health care has been accomplished today. The “reform” bill has passed the Senate and will now go to conference. The dems will spend their holiday recess extolling their accomplishments. I am fairly certain the rules and regulations will kick in about the time I really need health care. Thanks so much, Dems!!

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Dems Commit Slow Suicide on Healthcare

Posted by madjillmom on December 19, 2009

Sen. Ben Nelson gave in for goodies so now there seems to be no obstacle to the Dems committing slow suicide by supporting the huge Senate healthcare bill.  Now they will have to justify all the stuff in the 2000 plus page bill.  Waiting to hear what is actually in this stupendous bill.  The democrats can’t seem to help but trot out to tell us how they have saved lives and money by passing this momentous bill.  Dodd, Reid, Harkin, all sucking up to each other with verbal high fives and teary remembrances of Teddy gone by.

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