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Suicide Bombers and the Briefs or Boxers Question

Posted by madjillmom on December 29, 2009

Amid updates that the 23 year old bomber just really needed the attention of his father or some other role model, I wish to discuss his choice of underwear. From the published pictures, it appears that the young “alleged” suicide bomber prefers a bikini brief that makes me wonder if he shops in France in an expensive boutique. As the mother of three young disaffected, loner, young men (possibly also searching for a proper role model), who wouldn’t be caught dead in those bikini briefs, I worry what would happen if they decided to use their far more ample boxer briefs to hide a larger bomb to take out a Starbucks if we had one in our small multicutural burg. Seems to me the culture war is further complicated by our choices of underwear and religious yearnings.


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