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Pres. Obama Says Do More Better

Posted by madjillmom on January 7, 2010

The proposals given out by the President this afternoon sound strangely unspecific with no real indication of where the process failed or slipped through the cracks. He basically said the following:

We are at war. Thanks for letting us know.
Go faster. Analyze quicker.
Go bigger. Spread the info out to more people.
Put someone in charge of possible terrorists.
Most Muslims are not terrorists.
The buck stops with the President but let’s not assign blame to any of my people if they are responsible, after all, we usually like to blame Bush/Cheney.

OK. I know I feel much safer now. Oh, and how about these questions.

Why wasn’t Abdulmutallab’s visa pulled the first call from his father? Is there an explanation from the State Department? Why wasn’t he pulled out of line and given further examination for just buying a one way ticket for cash and having no luggage?  Did he want to board without passport and then produced one to board?

I know, Pres. Obama won’t rest until we are all safe and the wheels of bureaucracy are turning efficiently thus minimizing the likelihood of another such episode as happened on Christmas day. Six hours of golf in one day is not resting. It is really hard work.


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