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Game Change: John and Elizabeth v. Palin

Posted by madjillmom on January 10, 2010

For the last week, several blogs and tv programs have features this new book, Game Change. For the first 5 days or so, all I heard about was the “revelation” regarding Sarah Palin calling Joe Biden “O’Biden”, something that Palin herself had already written about in Going Rogue. This story has been passed around as proof positive that Palin is an idiot. Whatever, not real proof or real earth shattering. But now, I have read an excerpt from the book regarding the Edwards Campaign. OMG!! I am now certain that the press will knock over a real story to pursue a non story to discredit Sarah Palin.

I have heard for several years about the long suffering Elizabeth Edwards. How wonderful she is. If 1/10th of this story is true, she is a nut-case just like her husband’s mistress and all the people who witnessed this stuff firsthand should thank their lucky stars that Obama won. I am not thankful that Obama won, but given the Edward’s saga, better Obama than John. At least I was wise enough to vote for Hillary in the primary.


One Response to “Game Change: John and Elizabeth v. Palin”

  1. Great entry. I appreciate you for posting that. I ask you accept my apology for my less good English Skills, I am from Germany and English is kind of new to me.

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