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Haiti and Homeland Security

Posted by madjillmom on January 14, 2010

This morning, Pres. Obama hauled part of his cabinet and Sheriff Joe to the podium to tell us all that our priority now is Haiti. In this group was Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security. Does the President think that Haiti is one of the 57 states? We are just a few weeks past the Christmas terrorist attempt on Northwest Airlines. We are a few months past the killing of 14 by a home-grown extremist. There was epic failure on Christmas, according to the President. It would make us all feel good to help out in Haiti, but doesn’t Homeland Security have enough to do at this time. Is Homeland Security priority in Haiti? Isn’t it the State Dept. that is responsible for our citizens abroad? I do not think that muslim extremist are breaking out in Haiti. I wonder how the Katrina refugees will feel when money and resources go to Haiti. I feel bad for the people of Haiti, but wonder what can be done to when a country has failed on so many levels. If we can’t fix New Orleans, how can we fix Haiti?

It also seems that Pres. Obama has also told us that the economy and jobs are their first priority. Oh, yeah, don’t forget Obamacare.


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