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Disliking Oprah – Guru Position Available

Posted by madjillmom on February 9, 2010

Oprah recently scolded Jay Leno for a joke about Letterman. She did not scold herself for promoting a sweat lodge spiritualist recently indicted for the sweat lodge deaths last year. I went on her website to see what she is promoting. Quick run through find a yoga activist who recalls how she was ministered to in a gay sex club in an old church by a man with AIDS who showed her God or the soul. Maybe this yoga activist woman who hangs with shamans will take the place of the Sweat Lodge Spiritualist Guru. This preachy woman falls for anything. I believe that one can find God in anyplace. Evidently Oprah was running a contest to find out who found God in the most bizarre place. Instant Guru. Climb on the bandwagon. Sign the publishing contract. Here we go again.


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