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Obama Defines Bipartisianship

Posted by madjillmom on February 9, 2010

Listening to Obama’s impromptu presser now. Here is my take:

Obama tells us that he wants Republican input but they will have to give in. In other words, Dems will not abandon current 2 bills that we don’t want. He wants Republicans to sign onto Dem desires to frost either of these steaming piles of crap with Obama’s version of bipartisan frosting. He can’t get his own party to agree on anything, so Republicans will have to give in or the world will end. Trotting out a flurry of meetings with Republicans as a precursor to telling us all that the Republicans have tired old tax cut ideas and they are the reason we will have to ram through our crappy version of healthcare. After all, Dems want to cover everyone, Republicans are heartless capitalists who want children to die.  Where were all these bipartisan meetings a year ago?  Oh, yeah, he was King a year ago.

The end of the world is nigh as a large insurance company in California is raising premiums through the roof. Histeria reigns. Another reason to pass frosted crap. Another reason for a jobs bill. More government spending.

Obama says he knows that small businesses that can get money will start hiring. He is a small business expert. No matter the overhanging threats of more taxes, more healthcare mandates, larger government, cap and trade. Obama dismisses those problems as mere distractions.

It appears to the astute Obama that the “Islamic Republic of Iran” wants a nuclear weapon. He is busy working with the rest of the world to write a strongly worded letter to the legitimate government of the Islamic Republic threatening really bad sanctions, though the door is always open to them to come by and chat and try to work this out. Dec. 31 deadline is now some other deadline.

He might have to agree to make some in his own party slightly uncomfortable while talking to Republicans about tort reform and nuclear energy and that nasty, dirty coal we have some much of.

Obama knows about negotiations as he often has to give into Michelle.  Compares his marriage to Health Care debate and Islamic Republic of Iran.  Wow, I hope he has called Vermont Teddy Bears and increased his order for Valentines.

Note from Me to Republicans:

Don’t get taken in by this obviously brilliant president, have a five to ten point list of what you can support on healthcare with backup numbers, take it to the people, make it simple, write a bill, and tell Obama how many votes you can deliver for an alternative health care bill with a deadline.


One Response to “Obama Defines Bipartisianship”

  1. Kay said

    Is anyone as tired as I am of listening to Obama speak and punctuate each sentence with his hands crashing to the podium. At first I thought it was a way to develope some sort of cadence to speak by and then he goes entirely off beat. I noticed this during the SOTUS and since then I have not been able to concentrate on what he has said. Maybe this is a good thing.

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