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Obama Admininstration Wants it Both Ways

Posted by madjillmom on February 11, 2010

Tonight, as I watched Special Report and listened to my husband yell at the TV, I began to wonder who can believe anything the Obama administration has to say. Steve Hayes really was on target. Here are just of few of the many ways Obama wants it both ways:

1. Obama says undie bomber was an isolated instance a few days after Christmas after being forced to come of the golf course and talk of the incident. Today, Robt. Gibbs says the Undie Bomber was so well trained by Al Qaeda that he would not have talked anyway so mirandizing him is irrelevant.

2. Today, Robt. Gibbs says the Undie Bomber was so well trained by Al Qaeda that he would not have talked even if not mirandized. Three weeks ago, Gibbs assured us that the authorities had gotten all there was to get from the Undie Bomber in the initial 50 minute questioning period.  Which is it?

3. Joe Biden says that the success in Iraq is all due to their administration and calls it a great achievement. Both Biden and Obama voted against the surge. Further the troop reductions that Biden touts were worked out under the Bush Administration. Trying to take credit for winning the war in Iraq was still the order of the day with Gibbs saying that as a candidate, Barack was responsible for the win. This is ridiculous.

4. Gibbs says the administration is very comfortable with how they handled the Undie Bomber. When asked if they will change how they do stuff with the next “inevitable” terror suspect, Gibbs said that the next suspect won’t be exactly the same circumstances as the last. Yet every time they are asked why they mirandized the undie bomber, they say the Bush admin mirandized the shoe bomber. If every terrorist suspect is different, then why bring up the shoe bomber or the other claimed 300 prosecutions in federal court of terrorist suspects.

5. Large bonuses to fat cat bankers and wall street executives are bad and the adminstration is the only thing saving them from the pitchfork mobs ginned up by SEIU, ACORN, and Yesterday, large bonuses paid to fat cat bankers and wall street executives that have given substantial sums to Dems are a just reward to savvy businessmen and the administration is a strong supporter of free market capitalism where their supporters are rewarded with 18 million dollar stock deals.

6.  Presidential children are off-limits unless they want to talk about their test grades or use them as props in the new “don’t let your children get fat” campaign.

7. Obama is now agnostic about middle-class tax hikes. After promising not to raise taxes on those making under $250,000 a year, and now after running up the debt and trying to become a born again deficit hawk, he is now agnostic. The administration keeps talking about getting ahold of out of control spending, but never seems to do anything but propose larger and larger budgets and government spending and growth.


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  1. Robert Feeley said

    Some info on ACORN replacement groups:

    Have a great day!

  2. Warren said

    Hey ma look at this…

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