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Stimulus not too Stimulating

Posted by madjillmom on February 17, 2010

Well, it seems the stimulus hasn’t been near so stimulating as they promised.  First, it hasn’t saved or created 2 million jobs no matter what criteria the Administration uses today, or last week, or tomorrow.  They are only guessing about jobs.  It may have kept some teachers on, but I never heard of massive layoffs of teachers coming down the pike here in my part of paradise.  So that under 8% unemployment promise and jobs, jobs, jobs promise are folly.  I know I am really enjoying a possible $8 dollar a week tax cut that was probably only a reduction in withholding rather than a reduction in the tax rate.  Sheriff Joe has kept a tight lid on waste and fraud, except for those really foolish turtle bridges, bike paths, and non-existent zip codes and congressional codes.  In my little part of paradise, I haven’t seen any of those large recovery act projects with the $3000 signs that tell us of Obama and the Dem’s largesse with our grandchildren’s funds.  Sheriff Joe tells us that lots of good stuff in that stimulus is back loaded, coming soon so to speak.  But Mrs. Roemer, economic advisor, tells us little benefit will be derived later in the plan.  Gee, I wonder who is right, Sheriff Joe or Christine Roemer.

Just tell the truth.  Stimulus was a democratic flood of programs benefitting all their notions of big government, ladled with more welfare, more union goodies, more ACORN funds, and little stimulus. Happy Birthday Big Stimulus Bill.


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