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Working for the Census

Posted by madjillmom on February 22, 2010

I am back working for the Census for the next month or so. Training starts tomorrow and I seem to be in charge. I hope things go well. I truly do not want to waste one government nickle. Already, I have worked more hours than I can claim. As a temporary government worker, I wish to apologize for everything done on behalf of the Census.

Remember, the Census is at least a part of the Constitutional, If you want to save taxpayer money, fill out and send in the questionnaire. Pretty please.


One Response to “Working for the Census”

  1. Jordan said

    The only part of the census that has to do with the constitutional requirement is the part that asks how many people are living in this house, apartment, etc. The rest has no constitutional grounding and is stuff the government has no business knowing. See if you can’t get that changed while your working Mom. 100th night was great, by the way, and Mal has most of the pictures.

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