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Census Fortune Cookies

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2010

The Census Bureau spends a great deal of its energy and resources with silly little gimmicks like an unclear Super Bowl Ad, large 13-wheelers with digital signs on their sides, and now we learn that they are spending money on fortune cookies to encourage participation in the census. While all this is going on, they simply stomp on labor laws that require the paying of overtime to employees all over the country. I do see that the enumerator jobs at the bottom do not need any overtime. These are part-time jobs and should not have overtime. However, the ask Crew Leaders and many others to work many extra hours by requiring them to fit all the work into 8 hour days. If Walmart did what the Census Bureau does to its employees, there would be law suits and fines and back pay. I have been working for them for about a week this time and have not submitted at least 10 hours of time. Does the government have to play for the rules they dictate to all others? Guess not.


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