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Census Work Done

Posted by madjillmom on March 17, 2010

My contribution to the Census is about over. As always, it was enlightening. Glad to be done with it and I wish all those working hard a high percentage of returned questionnaires. I haven’t ever worked for the government until this last year with the Census. Some things I might note are the different rates paid across he nation for the lowly enumerator. In this part of the world, the pay is $11.25 hr. In my sister’s part of OK, it is less by about a dollar. However, in Detroit, where there is high unemployment they receive $20 per hour. Less people to count, higher unemployment, shouldn’t result in higher wages for an enumerator. Once again, the government has strange ideas about how they do things.


One Response to “Census Work Done”

  1. Annie said

    Some people have said that the US immigration office is going to trace census respondents, find out if they are in this country legally, then locate and deport them if they are not. It’s part of a crackdown on undocumented workers — SO wrong!

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