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Arizona Profiling Law Consideration

Posted by madjillmom on May 12, 2010

About 11 years ago, we moved to the country and started taking the weekly newspaper. One of the features of this weekly is learning about your neighbors and the people of the county. In this newspaper is a police blotter. Everyone reads the police blotter. When you are the mother of teenage sons, you scan it for really familiar names. So far, I haven’t seen good friends or family members featured in the weekly report.  One of the things you do notice is the high rate of Hispanics that are arrested each week. What does this mean?

Maybe, they are being profiled. A great deal of the charges are DUI or drug related. Recently, a Hispanic physician of great regard was gunned down by some illegal aliens he hired to work on his property. My assumption is that these people are not being profiled. If someone is arrested, should they have to prove their status? If arrested and it is shown that you are not in this country legally, should they be deported or should they just spend a few days in jail at our expense? These are hard things to sort through. Particularly in a border state, though I am firmly convinced that all states are having to deal with these issues. At least we should deport the criminal element.

Frank Luntz says “Tall fences, wide gates”.


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