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Russian Reset

Posted by madjillmom on June 28, 2010

Pres. Obama was bragging the other day about the new relationship he has with Russia. He told us that the relationship is reset. After today’s arrest of 10 alleged spys, I guess it was reset back to the Cold War.

Have they checked those arrested against the State Dept. employees, interns, and social circles? Maybe the CIA should have given Obama a heads up before the meeting with Medvedev last week. Why wasn’t Obama already in the loop on something like this? Is Paneta not in on the daily briefing? Maybe Leon doesn’t like golf.


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George Will on Questions for Kagen

Posted by madjillmom on June 28, 2010

George Will has a really good piece on questions that should be asked of Elena Kagan. Hope someone steps up to the plate on this one.

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Will the Left Lament Byrd and not Cheney?

Posted by madjillmom on June 28, 2010

I hate to even think this. As I looked at the news crawl on the TV, I wondered for a moment about them both being admitted to the hospital this past weekend. How long before someone wishes it had been Cheney?

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Honoring the Clansman – Robert Byrd Dead

Posted by madjillmom on June 28, 2010

I chanced upon a WSJ story about the University of Texas trying to decide whether to change the name of a dorm on campus . Turns out the dorm was named after a law professor that helped start the Clan in Florida. This university is nothing if not politically correct. But there is still actual debate about changing the name of the dorm. Erasing history is an argument against changing the name. Acknowledge the issue and teach about it. This seems reasonable to me.

As a coincidence, today Sen. Robert Byrd has died. He was a member of the Clan in West Virginia. I think he might have been a Grand Dragon of the Clan. It is part of his history. Now the Democrats and the Nation will necessarily pay homage to a Senator of 52 years. If a Republican mentions the Clan tie, he will be roasted as disrespectful. It is a part of Byrd’s history. He brought home the pork and was a one time leader of the Clan.

The Clan is a fact of life in the south.  Our family has its own ties to the clan.  I have seen them in our town, about 10 years ago.  It was an embarrassing display of pathetic people clinging to their foolish notions.

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Vice President Bite Me Calls Small Businessman as Smart Ass

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2010

Way to go, Sheriff Joe. When served a custard by a small businessman, Joe is told he doesn’t owe him anything, but should “lower taxes”. VP Joe calls him a smart ass. Nice.

Meanwhile, at the G20 in Canada, Obama’s first observation of note is about the many golf courses in the area. He really loves the trappings of the Presidency. President Golf and Vice President Smart Ass. As Instapundit says “the country’s in the very best of hands”. (Song from Lil’ Abner)

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Moratorium Vs. Capatalist CYA

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2010

The Obama administration and Sec. of the Interior have doubled down on a moratorium on offshore drilling (supposedly only on deep drilling), and the federal courts have pushed back. Remember when Obama said he would send out swat teams. That was the only thing he should have done. Send out inspection teams to review the hardware and drilling plans. The industry has a more than strong suspicion what caused and contributed to this disaster. They knew this within a few weeks of the spill. Do you think that the industry, knowing what was happening, was doing the same thing BP did, or planning on using the same techniques BP did? It would be suicide. Drilling operators and their Boards went into overdrive to make sure this won’t happen on their rigs. But Obama doesn’t understand this. He hasn’t ever worked in the private sector. He needs to shut down drilling to appease his left flank. He needs to pass Cap and Tax. He doesn’t care about jobs on the gulf coast. He wants the price of gasoline to go up. He wants you to drive less, pay more for your groceries, take the train, pay a carbon tax, and suffer.

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Barney Frank and Chris Dodd Make New Financial Regulation Law

Posted by madjillmom on June 25, 2010

Oh, great. The same people who let Fannie and Freddie become the largest tax payer drains are now giving us another 2000 page bill on financial regulation. Even they say that they do not know how it will work until it is in place. Another law filled with intended and unintended consequences. Both will bite us on the ass. Plus, Dodd and Frank didn’t see fit to rain in the losses from Fannie and Freddie again. Another economy killer. Yea!! Obama was up and out early touting the bill that he will of course sign asap. Wonder if anyone read it?

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Obama Kicking Ass Part 2

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2010

So Obama kicked McChrystal ass. Don’t feel to great about that.

However, he should now kick some more ass. His legs are going to get tired. Here is a short list of who and why:

  • Afghan Ambassador Eickenberry – discord with the Plan in Afghanistan
  • Sheriff Joe – flapping his gums about pullout date for Afghanistan and for being a joke to everyone
  • Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke – nonperformance
  • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood – recent remarks about lousy economy (truth to power or slip of the tongue)
  • Interior Secretary Salazar – oil drilling moratorium report, and nonperformance
  • Speech Writers – shirtless beer pong pictures during oil spill
  • Himself – No apology to Gen. David Petraeus for dissing him while a Senator
  • Whoever Ran the First Time Home Buyer’s Credit – prisoners from prison claimed and got the credit to the tune of $9 million
  • Labor Secretary Hilda Solis – for worrying about and putting out a video telling Illegals that they deserve a proper wage while wage laws only apply to those working legally in the United States
  • Rahm Emanuel – for Blago involvement and saying BP Execs shouldn’t have leisure time while BHO was out on the golf course again
  • Budget Director Peter Orszag – for deserting a sinking economic ship
  • Democrat Congress – for not submitting a budget because they can’t stand the bad press their numbers would get

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Obama’s Job Expiration Date

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2010

Does the President like being President? We know he likes the trappings…. Air Force One, Andrews Air Force Base Golf Course, Paul McCartney Concerts, Nobel Peace Prizes, etc. But is he getting bored? The big stuff isn’t fun. He is failing on a lot of the big stuff. The biggest thing he ever ran before being President was his campaign. Roger Simon has a good post about this. Check it out.

Obama has a history of not staying with anything for very long. About two years is the longest he did anything. For the last year of doing whatever, he was generally plotting his next move up. This is a sign of his ambition. But what does that mean now? He can’t be king of the world. So will he buckle down and stay with the Presidency? I believe we see evidence of a wavering interest in the real job of being the President. Speeches don’t win wars, plug leaking oil wells, or make health care cheaper or better. minimizing him is a good thing from my perspective. Too bad all the people around him aren’t getting bored too.

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Contrast and Compare MSM Reactions to Generals

Posted by madjillmom on June 22, 2010

This article is thought provoking. I will tell my sons that there is no upside to being a General. Wonder who will take the job next? The Obama administration is letting him twist in the very public wind. What point does that serve? Obama will get to kick some ass, I guess.

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