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Grasshopper Plague Coming Next

Posted by madjillmom on June 2, 2010

Feeling a bit beat upon, the next thing coming down the pike is a possibility of a huge grasshopper problem in the western United States. My advice to the White House and Pres. Obama is to get right on top of it now, so they can rightly claim it as another highest priority along with the oil spill, unemployment, Middle East peace or lack thereof, the struggling economy, etc. He has the power to advert the next dust bowl. Get on it now. Gin up some real passion about the little insects and their devastation.

While it is funny that Obama is catching blame for the oil spill, the precedents have already been set. If Bush was responsible for Katrina, Obama is responsible for the Oil Spill. Thank goodness Pres. Obama is ready with a lecture and a squad of DOJ lawyers. Speeches aren’t the answer. When your only experience is running a campaign and being a community organizer, you aren’t qualified to fix the country’s ills. Instead, you flail and spend more money, grow government and promise better days. It is all biting Obama on the ass, and us too. Incompetence with a great veneer.


2 Responses to “Grasshopper Plague Coming Next”

  1. Jeff said

    Don’t worry Obama is sending teams of lawyers to sue the grasshoppers! They won’t even know what hit’em…

  2. madjillmom said

    Beware the traveling hordes of lawyers dispatched from on high…

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